Worst Computer Trojans

The Worst Computer Trojans to Watch Out For

The tale of the Trojan horse falls somewhere in the lore of Greek mythology. The story goes that the Greeks, appearing to be humbled by their loss to the Trojans, sent a massive wooden horse to the Trojan gates as a gesture of defeat.

In the dead of the night, however, numerous Greek soldiers exited the horse and opened the gates of the city for the rest of their army to attack. 

When we think about modern computer Trojans, the idea is similar. You download something that seems friendly and useful. Once it’s downloaded, though, all of its little malware soldiers infiltrate your computer and harvest your information. 

You’re hacked and left to deal with the consequences. We’re going to take a look at 2022 computer viruses today, giving you some insight into what to look out for. 

Let’s get started. 

Random Updates

Another key area to watch out for is random updates, particularly on windows devices. Many of these update notifications come in the form of email messaging. 

You’ll receive an email claiming that it includes an urgent update for your operating system. Note that most of the 2022 computer viruses start when you click a link. 

Unrecognizable Links

Avoid clicking any random link that gets sent to you. If you don’t know the sender, there’s an incredible risk. Some hackers will use the link to populate your device calendar with events that look like emergency alerts from your phone. 

These trigger a stress response, and the alerts look legitimate when they’re from your own operating system, so people click the links and open themselves up to new malware. 

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IoT Network

You should also be careful to enhance your cyber security awareness about the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is the network of smart devices, Bluetooth speakers, video doorbells, and more that hackers can access. 

There are ways to safeguard your smart technology, but know that new devices hooked up to your computers and smartphones tend to have flaws. They’ll update and improve over time, but most new products have some security gaps right off of the bat. 

Modern Computer Trojans

Modern cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever and utilize modern situations to exploit users. The key things to look out for exist in the form of otherwise mundane updates, news articles, emails, or advertisements.

The first thing to look out for is news about malware attacks. 2020 and 2021 were hotbeds of human interest news articles, directing larger numbers of people to internet news sites. In particular information about COVID-19 strikes a cord and pushes users to engage. 

Watch out for emails and notifications about COVID-19 exposure that you had no part in signing up for. The government will send these alerts on occasion but avoid clicking on all other unprompted COVID-19-related links. 

Need More Cyber Security Tips?

Computer Trojans are everywhere in 2022. You have to improve your safety knowledge and take precautions to ensure your protection. We’re here to help with more ideas. 

Explore our site to learn how to protect your computer from viruses, learn more about your technology, improve your business, and much more. 

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