Mastering Aesthetic Photography

5 Tips for Mastering Aesthetic Photography to Create Gorgeous Images

When browsing Instagram, you’ll nearly always come across an aesthetic photo that interrupts your scrolling. And, that’s the same kind of reaction you want when someone encounters one of your posts. Now, as an artist or content creator, it’s important to have aesthetic photos in your portfolio and on your social media profile to gain visibility.

However, there’s no clear-cut explanation as to what makes a photo aesthetic. Everyone has their own concept of what makes an image beautiful. For that reason, we’ve listed 5 expert tips on how to master your aesthetic photography! 

1. Rule of Thirds

Following the rule of thirds is a classic way of sharpening up an image. The rule of thirds consists of dividing the frame into two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, forming nine rectangles. Most smartphones and cameras come with an in-built feature that allows you to set a grid on your screen. 

Once you do, use this tool to place your subject in one of the points where the lines on the frame intersect. This will help give your photo a sense of balance and bring you one step closer to mastering photography. 

2. Try Different Angles

What you might consider an ordinary photo can easily turn into an aesthetic image just by photographing it from a different angle. People tend to photograph their subjects at eye level, but for example, if you shoot from a lower angle, it can create a slimming effect. 

3. Accurate Lighting 

If you use the right lighting, you won’t need to add a load of filters to your image. Natural lighting always offers a softer and less dramatic effect. Using too much light or excessive brightness will make it look low-quality. 

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4. Get Creative

If you don’t give yourself time and space to experiment with different ideas and get creative, then you won’t be able to find and create aesthetics in photography. You don’t need to follow any specific rules to develop a creative photo. Rules are meant to be broken—at least in photography. 

There are no limits as to what you can come up with. A fun way to discover your own aesthetic style is by experimenting with different elements in your photos. For example, you can use tools such as glass prisms, colored smoke bombs, and LED lights to add a unique touch to your image. 

5. Learn How to Edit 

Editing is a big part of aesthetic photos. So, you have to familiarize yourself as much as you can with your favorite editing software. 

Currently, there is a wide variety of photo editing apps that allow you to add the perfect aesthetic elements, such as moody looks, vintage effects, bold colors, and other special filters. 

But, if you’re set on creating very elaborated aesthetic photos for your profile, you’ll probably have to learn how to use sophisticated editing software, such as Lightroom or Photoshop. 

Create Aesthetic Photography!

The more you experiment with the tips you’ve just read, the sooner you’ll start creating aesthetic photography. But, above all, focus on finding your own style. Include your personality in your photography, and use that to make it stand out from everyone else’s. 

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