Newborn Burping

Newborn Burping Basics and Techniques for New Parents

Over three and a half million babies were born in the United States in 2020. That’s a lot of new parents trying to figure out how to care for their children.

One of the things you need to perfect when you have a baby is burping them.

Let’s go through the top newborn burping techniques and tips you need today.

The Importance of Burping Babies

It’s very important to burp your baby, because it helps keep their digestive system working properly. 

There are also specific times when you should be burping the baby. If you’re breastfeeding the baby, and you switch breasts, you should burp your baby in between. If your baby eats a certain amount of breast milk or formula, you should take some time to burp your child.

Once your baby is completely done feeding, it’s time to burp your gassy baby. If your child has particular problems with the eating and burping process, make sure you’re able to help them.

Luckily, once your child is two or three months of age, they’ll be able to burp themselves. If you find your baby continues to have problems, you may want to consult with your pediatrician to ensure there’s no greater problem going on.

Position Your Baby Correctly

There are a few different baby burping techniques you can position yourself and your baby in order to burp them effectively. You may want to try them all until you find one that’s comfortable for both of you. Ideally, your baby should be in an upright position. 

One way you can burp your baby is to sit upright yourself. Position your baby so that you’re chest-to-chest. Have the baby’s chin over your shoulder. Then, use your hand to pat your baby’s back. 

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Another way you can burp a baby is to hold your baby on your lap. You can lay your baby across your lap, on their belly. Make sure that there’s not too much pressure on their stomach, though.

Ensure that your baby’s head is properly supported, and positioned about their chest. Then, you can try patting their back.

Or, you can try keeping your baby sitting up while your burp them. You’ll use one of your hands to ensure that your baby’s chest and head are held up safely. You can hold onto their chin, and then use their other hand to pat their back.

There are other things you can do to make the burping process easier. You can buy specific formula for gassy babies, to help reduce the amount you have to burp your child. And, keep your clothes protected by having a cloth over your clothing, so that they don’t end up burping all over your clothes. 

Become a Newborn Burping Expert

With these newborn burping tips, you’ll be able to keep your new baby happy and healthy.

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