Beach Days

Beach Days – How to Make the Most of Them With a Sun Hat

Did you know that one in three Americans gets sunburned every single year? Although a burn may seem like a harmless annoyance, it can actually contribute to serious conditions such as skin cancer.

One of the best ways that you can prevent sunburns and other problems is by wearing a sun hat when it is hot outside. Here are some of the benefits of donning a sun hat, whether you are at the beach or the pool this season.

Avoid Harmful Rays

UV rays can cause major damage to your skin, even if you do not see the effects right away. Although sunscreen does a great job of helping to protect your skin, adding a sun hat will provide an additional layer of security.

If you want to take it a step further, you can get a sun hat made out of a material that specifically deflects UV rays.

Portable Shade Source

When you are walking around in the heat, sometimes it is difficult to find a place to get some shade. Too much immediate sun exposure can lead to dehydration or even heat stroke.

With a sun hat, you can always have a source of shade. When you keep your head cool, it can help to regulate the temperature of the rest of your body.

The wider the brim of your sun hat, the more coverage and coolness it will provide.

No Scalp Sunburns

When you put on sunscreen, chances are that you forget to spray your scalp. Regular sunscreen is difficult to slather onto your hairline without getting into your strands, and spray sunscreen can be a hit or miss.

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With a good sun hat, you do not have to worry about an itchy, peeling scalp sunburn after a fun day in the sun. Click for more of some of the best options for your summer sun hat.

Always Look Stylish

Although the main benefits of a sun hat are protection, you should not have to worry about looking ugly while wearing one. In fact, sun hats are some of the most stylish summer accessories that you can buy.

You can have a staple sun hat in a neutral color, such as black, white, or tan if you want something that will go with all of your standard summer outfits.

However, it is always fun to change it up a little bit. Try buying some sun hats in bright colors or designs that you can use as statement accessories.

Enjoy Your Summer With a Sun Hat

If you want sun protection this summer, you should not have to just rely on sunscreen or stay in the shade. With a sun hat, you can enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities and look good doing them.

Want to learn more about how you can protect yourself during the hottest months of the year? Check out our site for more tips and tricks to survive the summer without permanent skin damage.