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5 Interesting Facts About Hiring an Escort

Have you ever considered hiring an escort? Take a look at these interesting facts about what happens when you hire them so you can be prepared.

Who knew hiring an escort could be so easy?

1. It’s Easy to Find a Professional Provider

Finding an escort is easier than ever thanks to the internet. When looking for an escort, your search results can seem overwhelming at first!

Preferred411 and The Erotic Review are two of the most popular websites that offer reviews of local escorts, as well as verification when it comes time to book your date. (If you live in the US, recent changes in SESTA/FOSTA are making things a bit inconvenient at the moment).

Escorts can be booked through an escort agency or through the independent contractors themselves. The choices are endless and there are providers to suit every taste.

If you’re in Ireland (and feeling lucky), looking for an escort Dublin is a great place to start.

2. The Verification Process is a Necessary Inconvenience

Most providers will require verification before agreeing to meet. Much of this is to ensure their own safety, as many escorts are independent contractors. This will often include references from an online forum like “The Erotic Review”. In addition, she (or he) may ask for a second form of identification such as a link to your LinkedIn profile or a copy of your driver’s license.

If you are already a member of online communities like The Erotic Review, be sure to provide your ID. If you’re short on references, you can ask her to review you. It’s sort of like a sexier version of Yelp.

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The verification process is not meant to scare you. This step is important because it will give the escort peace of mind knowing that:

  • the client isn’t an ax murderer
  • she has some form of recourse if the client is violent or refuses to pay for additional services rendered
  • she has a way of warning other providers within her network if she does have a bad experience with a client
  • that you aren’t law enforcement

It might seem nerve-wracking, but it’s a necessary process.

3. Sex Workers are Actual Human Beings (Shocking!)

You want your provider to be relaxed and ready for you, so be sure to comply with all verifications requested and remember to always treat your provider with respect.

Sex workers provide a much-needed service and deserve the same respect you’d give anyone else who’s services you’re paying for. Never forget that your provider is an actual human being providing a service that makes people happy.

If that’s not enough of a reason, remember that the escorting community is a tight-knit community. Unsavory clients often end up blacklisted. (You won’t be hiring an escort again anytime soon)

4. In-Calls/Out-Calls are Only the Beginning of Escort Slang

Once you’ve found the perfect escort, there are some questions left to be answered. Namely, what services the escort provides (all those acronyms on their profile) and if you will be wanting an ‘in-call’ (slang for when you go to the provider’s location) or ‘out-call’ (provider comes to you).

There’s a whole host of acronyms to decipher, helpful if you have MSOG.

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5. Hiring an Escort: Getting It On

Get ready for a steamy bedroom encounter…or any room really. Remember to take a shower first (so you’re fresh a clean down there) and have your cash ready.

Some providers will ask that any out-call payments be placed on the bathroom counter prior to their arrival… freshening up upon their arrival means she can check to make sure it’s all there without any awkward money talk. She’s there to turn you on so treat her with the same respect you would a girlfriend, even if you specifically intend on the PSE.

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