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Top 10 Hacks to Instantly Boost Your Mood

Too many people let others control their happiness today. What most of us do not know is that happiness is in our control for the most part.

Many things may be beyond your control, but attitude is all you!
According to research, about 10% of happiness is circumstantial, 40% of it depends on intentional activity, and 50% is in your genes.

The trick is to learn to work on that extra 40% and make it favor you. Psychologists have come up with all sorts of ways of how to feel happy instantly. Let’s get right into the hacks!

Socialize More

Stumbling on happiness, a book by Social Psychologist Harvard professor Daniel Gilbert illuminates an interesting concept of happiness. In his book, Gilbert says that what makes us happy is the friends and family we share moments with while we socialize.

And he reiterates that what we have been taught to think of as happiness is actually more ways of getting more friends and or family.

Interact with Nature

Nature has the ability to eliminate stress, lift our mood and improve memory. Taking a walk in the great outdoors will boost your mood significantly. People are naturally happier in a green environment rather than the urban setting.

Be Grateful

This is all about counting your blessings and being thankful for all you have in your life. Research shows that those who are habitually grateful have higher levels of emotional well-being. Gratitude has the ability to make individuals happy for a long time.

Practice Prosocial Spending

This simply means you should spend on other people aside from just yourself. Lara Aknin, Elizabeth Dunn, & Robert Biswas in their experiment discovered that they felt happier when they bought things for charity.

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This means that spending money on someone else gives you a positive emotional gain as compared to buying stuff for yourself or always expecting to receive from others.

Listen to Happy Music

Music has a big impact on how we feel. The type you listen to will change how you feel for the better or worse. Psychologists use music therapy to help conditions such as Depression and Schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, most people do the exact opposite and end up listening to music that portrays how they feel inside. At least now you know blues will not make the pain of a heartbreak go away.

Be Around Someone that Smiles a lot

Yes, just like sadness is contagious, happiness is too. Being around a happy person who is constantly smiling will help you feel better in no time. Feeling down? Call that friend of yours who smiles a lot and schedule a date.

Have a Good Nap

Scheduling your nap helps. That is because it will stop you from waking up cranky, yet you intend to be happier. According to a study done by the British Psychological Association, staying up throughout the day can make you susceptible to negative emotions. The opposite is true for those who are able to squeeze in a little nap.

It is not just naps, better sleep also helps you keep a good mood.

Think Happy Thoughts

You are in control of the thoughts you entertain. Of course, we all go through troubles, and toxic thoughts can pop up sometimes. However, you get to decide whether you will give these thoughts audience or not.

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Energy flows in the direction of your focus. When your thoughts are happy, your mood changes too. This is also called mindfulness.

Exercise Frequently

Many people who hate to exercise cite getting tired as an excuse. However, exercise has quite the advantage when it comes to stress relief through the increase of feel-good hormones that make you happy.

You do not have to spend hours at the gym. Find a sport you love and have fun. Whether it is jogging swimming or rollerblading, you’re sure to lighten your mood up when you move a little.

Know How to Feel Happy with Meditation

Meditation affects neuroplasticity. This brings self-awareness, makes you more relaxed and essentially reduces stress. Do this at least once a day. However, it can be hard for a beginner if you do not know how to do it right.

Once mastered, meditation will help you be in control of your mood a lot better. When you are able to control your mood easily, you will naturally choose happiness.

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