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Top 10 Boating Facts that Might Surprise You

Are you a boat fanatic?

On a hot summer’s day, spending the day on the boat can be one of the best ways to relax. Whether you’ve got a fishing line in the water or you’re simply enjoying the fresh air, it’s hard to beat boating.

If boating is one of your passions, you’re going to want to ensure you know all the best boating facts.

We’ve compiled a list of ten boating facts that just might surprise you. Read on to further expand your boating knowledge!

1. Boats and Ships Are Different

We often hear the words “boat” and “ship” used interchangeably.

However, there are significant differences between the two that every boat fanatic should be aware of.

The first point of differences lies in the body of water each floatation device was designed for. A boat is designed for rivers and inland waters whereas a ship is designed for ocean waters and seas.

More technically, the second differences lie in the center of gravity. For a boat, the center of gravity makes the boat lean in while turning. On the other hand, a ship leans out while turning.

Considering these differences, a boat is often considered to be a more personal device as compared to a ship that often carries large groups of people or shipping goods.

2. Stress Relief

Are you looking for ways to reduce your stress levels?

As it turns out, spending the day on the boat may be just what the doctor ordered.

Did you know that boating is scientifically proven to reduce stress and/or anxiety? In fact, studies report that boating is considered one of the top three most stress-relieving activities

Being near water is said to reduce feelings of stress and to clear the mind.

3. The Most Expensive Yacht

It has become normal for the worlds wealthiest population to own personal boats and yachts. While the top ten most expensive yacht’s in the world are in the millions, the number one most expensive yacht stretches into the billions.

The most expensive yacht in the world is reported to cost 4.8 billion dollars.

While the owner of the yacht remains unknown, it was reportedly sold to an anonymous Malaysian businessman in 2011.

4. The Bonds of Boating

Are you looking for something to strengthen your family ties?

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It’s a fact that families who have boats spend more time together and build closer family bonds than those without boats.

This is often because the boat gives each family member a reason to come together and spend quality time. This can be anything from fishing to family boat cruises and water sports.

Remember, boats don’t have to be such an expensive purchase. There are countless boat options available second hand or even the opportunity to rent a boat for a summer or even a day or week.

5. Some People Live on Boats

Did you know that some families live on houseboats full-time?

In urban areas such as London in which traditional housing is expensive, a houseboat proves to be a more affordable living option.

Compared to traditional boats, these houseboats differ almost completely. In fact, the interiors of most houseboats closely mimic the interior of traditional homes.

These boats are not often used for transportation and often stay in the same general area throughout the year. The owners usually pay a monthly docking fee that allows their boat to remain in certain areas of the harbor.

The best part? That cool, fresh water breeze for keeping your home cool!

6. 8000 Years of History

The first boat in history dates back to over 8000 years ago.

The ancient Egyptians are the first group of people to be credited for the use of the boat.

Although these boats were more temporary and used for short water commutes or fishing. As compared to wood or steel, these boats were first comprised of the papyrus plant.

As time went on, boats continued to make drastic changes in both their functionality, duration and materials used.

7. It’s All About Buoyancy

Do you ever wonder how exactly boats can maintain such a heavy load of passengers or cargo on the water?

Boats are able to float due to the concept of buoyancy.

Buoyancy is an invisible force upward. This force is commenced when something is placed in the water. If the object is dense, then the force is unable to hold it and it will sink.

Therefore, the object has to be less dense than the water. This is done by hollowing out the object to make it less dense. When they consider the shape of boats, this is why the center is hollowed out. From here, the water is able to exercise enough force to keep the boat afloat.

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8. Cost-Effective Retirement

Are you or someone you love considering retiring in a home?

A 2004 study explored the financial differences between retiring in a home versus on a cruise ship. The study found that retiring to a cruise ship is often as cost-effective as retiring to a community home.

And, you guessed it, the cruise ship has a much higher quality of life!

9. A Canoe is One of the Most Popular Boats

Did you know that a canoe is considered to be a boat?

And, in North America, canoes are considered to be some of the most popular personal boats. Canoes are some of the most inexpensive boats to both purchase and maintain due to the fact that they do not require an engine.

This is unlike motorboats that generally require marine batteries. While maintenance is surely more expensive for motor boats, it does provide more options so far as easy boat crushing, water sports and more extreme fishing.

In the early days, Native Americans used to make canoes by hollowing out large logs. These were considered to be the earliest forms of canoes.

10. Titanic

The Titanic is one of the most infamous boating crashes in the world.

It was a British passenger liner that sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912. Although the boat was considered “unsinkable”, it collided with an iceberg and more than 1500 passengers died.

This was the largest ship on the seas at the time and was considered to be one of the most deadly and devastating maritime disasters.

Time to Show Off Your New Boating Facts!

Come summertime, there’s no better way to spend sunny days than on the boat.

For those that are passionate about boating, why not polish up on some lesser-known boating facts?

From the origins of the first boats ever to the introduction of the most expensive yacht in the world, these new boating facts are sure to be a hot topic of conversation on the water.

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Happy boating!