how to keep your house cool

How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Are you dreading the summer because of the high energy bills? Fear no more.

There are many simple ways you can keep your house cool and the electric bill down.

If you want to know how to keep your house cool, we got the tips for you.

Ready to learn?

1. Keep the Windows Closed

Contrary to what you might think, you should keep your windows closed in order to keep your house cool in the summer. The heat from the sun and the warm breeze will come through and make your house feel warmer.

If you can, it’s also a good idea to invest in curtains to block the heat. These absorb the heat and keep your house cooler.

2. Set Your Fans Counter-Clockwise

If you use your ceiling fan, make sure you set it counter-clockwise. People often don’t know they’re supposed to adjust their ceiling fans seasonally.

Setting your ceiling fans counter-clockwise will push the breeze down and it will make you feel cooler. You should also set it at a higher speed.

Setting your fan clockwise should be done in the winter to distribute the heat evenly.

3. Cook Outside

If you want to keep your home cool in the summer, cooking inside will not be your friend.

This gives you a great opportunity to spend more time in your backyard firing up the grill. Opt for cooking dinner on the grill or prepare dishes that don’t require much cooking, like summer salads.

4. Put Your Green Thumb to Use

If you have a green thumb, putting those skills to work can help you keep your house cool in the summer.

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While it’s recommended you have trees planted outside your house to create shade, indoor plants can also be beneficial.

Placing indoor plants need a window will help keep your house cool. The plants will absorb the energy from the sun.

5. Ice Water in Front of the Fan

If you want an instant cool breeze, try the old ice water in front of the fan trick.

It’s as simple as it sounds place a tall glass or bowl of ice water in front of the fan and let start to cool you off.

You’ll immediately feel the cooler air around you.

6. Strategize Your Use of AC

If you’re trying to save on electricity but sometimes still have to turn on the AC, you should be more strategic about where you place it.

Those who have window units should place their AC unit on the north side of the property use less electricity because they remain in the shade longer.

It’s also important to give your AC unit regular maintenance. A place like the Arizona Air Conditioning Service Center can help.

This is How to Keep Your House Cool

It’s possible to keep your home cool in the summer by only following a few tips.

This way you’ll enjoy the warmth outside, but come home to a cool and refreshing space.

If you enjoyed learning about how to keep your house cool, then check out our home section for more tips and hacks.