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5 Cool Cars Of The Future And Why They’ll Be Worth The Wait

Much of the history of cars was incremental. They also started with the same basic premise and evolved slightly with each iteration. First comes the internal combustion engine with a manual transmission and crank windows.

Add an automatic transmission, then automatic windows, air conditioning, and an 8-track player/cassette deck/that cassette that let you play a portable CD player through it.

The last decade, however, has seen a massive explosion in auto development. Whether it’s inline-four cylinder engines generating more power than the V8s of old, or electric motors that make the term horsepower irrelevant, the variety of powertrains has never been greater, save for when you could choose between a steam engine and a horse.

Keep reading to see five cool cars of the future.

Mid-Engine Corvette C8

The traditional rival to the Porsche 911, the Corvette has always been a front-engine, rear-drive sports car that relied on a big engine and bigger brakes to be competitive.

While not inherently balanced, trick-suspension and copious use of plastics allowed Chevy engineers to keep thing relatively neutral.

Though long rumored, the Corvette’s going mid-engine for the first time in its production run. The upcoming C8 will join the rarified ranks of American cars with their engines in the middle. With the promise of superior handling this layout offers, it C8should assert itself on the world-stage with little difficulty.

VW ID Buzz Camper Van

On the other side of the spectrum sits the upcoming Volkswagen camper van. An iconic vehicle long associated with free travel and exploration, the updated ID Buzz replaces the little gas-burner for a state of the art electric motor, letting you enjoy nature without unsettling it.

The low-range torque offered by electric motors will make it a breeze to tow a boat or trailer. This is the reason why all vans will be automatic one day; manual rowing an electric engine doesn’t make sense compared to an AI-assisted transmission.

Tesla Model Y

As the Model 3 finally starts to be delivered, Tesla is looking to their next offering. The Model Y will be Tesla’s foray into the Compact Utility Vehicle market, one of the most profitable segments in the auto market.

Keeping all the characteristics that have made their other offerings successful, the Model Y will maintain it’s ultra-modern interior, massive tablet display, and lightning-quick acceleration.

Toyota Supra

The original Supra still has a considerable fan base. One of the first cars to prove Japan’s racing prowess, it was a masterclass in engineering brilliance.

The forthcoming model will contemporize those advances.

No announcement has been made yet as to whether it will stick to an ICE engine or incorporate a hybrid powertrain, but it’s being rumored to share parts with the upcoming BMW Z5. That does promise that it will deliver where it counts: performance.

Ford EcoSport

While the above vehicles all push the boundaries of what cars can do, we still need practical daily-drivers.

The Ford EcoSport promises just that. With the company recently announcing that they’ll be phasing out their sedans, the EcoSport will need to fulfill the need for a competent, reliable and engaging grocery-getter.

With the seat-height of a CUV and the mileage of a Fiesta, this is what the future looks like for most of us: endlessly practical, technologically advanced and able to go forever on a tank of gas.

Cool Cars of the Future: In Closing

These cool cars of the future aren’t just concepts. They’re not like the bubble-cars promised in a George Jetson future. The technology to deliver these vehicles has been proven. It’s only a matter of production cycles until the next stage of auto-evolution is parked in your driveway.

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