how to save money every day

How to Save Money Every Day on Items You’re Already Using

On average, American spenders hand over $98 per day on daily expenditure.

Whether you’re already a frugal spender, or you’re looking to whip your money-saving game into shape, $98 per day may sound like–uh, a lot. But the good news is that with a little more careful spending when it comes to the things you use every day, your bank account can seriously benefit and that number can become a lot smaller.

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1. Plan on It

One of the most common reasons people spend money when they don’t need to is that they just haven’t planned to spend responsibly. But the thing is if you can plan a girls’-night out or a brewery tour–well, you can plan to spend your money well!

One awesome way to plan ahead and control your spending is to make lists. Never go to the grocery store without a detailed list of the things you actually need; your list will hold you accountable and keep you from snagging every yummy thing you see from its place on the shelf.

Set budgets for yourself. Keep lists and hold yourself to them. Planning on the ways in which you’ll spend your money will help you stick to intentional, responsible spending–and it’ll help your bank account flourish!

2. Use What You’ve Got

The thing about everyday items is that you probably know you’re going to use them, well…every day. Right?

You made a list and bought groceries last weekend, remember? So don’t eat out! Pack your lunch. Is your trusty ol’ coffeemaker broken? No? Skip the Starbucks line; brew your own coffee while you shower.

When it comes to everyday items, chances are, you’re planning ahead for the fact that you’re going to use them. Planning ahead won’t do you much good at all, however, if you don’t take advantage of all the hard work you did to get there.

Use the stuff you’ve already got whenever possible. The small savings you’ll see from sticking to the stuff in your cupboards could lead to purchases later on that are way more special than that coffeeshop bagel!

3. Double-Check Before You Spend

It’s a fact of life that you’ll spend money. But one thing you can do to ensure you’re spending as wisely as possible is to check for coupons and promo codes anytime you spend!

Often, stores and other retailers offer awesome deals on the products you’d buy anyway, but they keep these deals a bit under wraps.

Take a few minutes before any grocery outing or online shopping; check on the Internet or at the store’s customer service desk to see if you can snag a coupon or promo code. Even if all you come up with is a 10% off coupon–well, you’re still saving 10% of the money you’d normally spend!

It’s important to be proactive when looking to save money on the things you already use. Double-check to see if you can snag a deal!

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The thing about working to save money every day is that…uh…you save it every day! Those savings really add up.

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