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The 5 Best Smart Home Appliances You Can Buy In 2018

We live in the 21st century where developers think up new smart home innovations every day. At this rate, real life will be looking like The Jetsons before we know it.

Smart devices allow us to lead easier lives by finding ways to save us money, energy, and time.

Work on finding the best smart appliances for you and your family to change your home life for the better.

Here are the 5 best smart home appliances you can buy in 2018.

1. Remote Controlled Shades

Remote controlled shades are a game changer in the window covering industry.

This smart home innovation allows you to schedule your homes blind systems to turn off and on at customized times. There is even an option to connect to your blinds with a mobile app. That way if you ever forget to close the blinds, you could do so remotely.

2. Try Smart Home Appliances like the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo device is a system which acts as a voice assistant called Alexa for simple everyday tasks. Alexa can provide useful information on the weather, sports updates, breaking news, and play your music all through the internet.

You can connect your Amazon Echo via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The device can hook up to certain brands of speakers and control what they play and the volume of the music.

Alexa can now command your cable and television as well as music so that many of your devices are all connected and easily controllable from one base smart device.

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3. Nest Thermostat

A growing trend in society over the last couple of years is to really think about and lessen the ecological footprint that we leave. Products like the Nest thermostat bring thermostats to the next level.

Nest can record the energy that your household uses over the week that way you know what to do to adjust and save in the future. The Nest thermostat device will even keep a logged history of how much energy you have used so you can go back and check from days past.

Connect this smart thermostat to your cell so that you can control the temperature of your home and keep it cool simply by using your phone.

4. Smart Fridge

Smart fridges built by companies like Samsung and LG are among 2018’s top innovations. They combine the usefulness of a refrigerator with the capabilities of a tablet.

You can use your smart fridge to perform tasks such as looking up recipes, keeping your grocery list, uploading pictures, video chatting, listening to music, checking the weather, and even looking at your social media accounts.

Smart refrigerators can connect to your phone to have an integrated network of devices. If you need a safe and reliable data pipeline to connect all of your smart devices at home, check out the internet of things.

5. Robot Vacuum

There are multiple different companies like LG, iRobot, Samsung, and Neato that have developed robotic vacuums.

Robot vacuum cleaners can completely map out your homes floor plan with their innovative camera system. This will help them plan the best and most efficient way to clean the whole house.

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Some brands of robot vacuums have mobile apps so that you can control the vacuum from your phone.

Save Yourself Time and Money

Smart home appliances have the ability to save us both time and money. This gives us more freedom and customization in our everyday lives we could only dream to be possible a few decades ago. specializes in providing ideas and information for you to live an easier and stress-free life.

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