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Why Personalized Mail Matters (And How to Personalize Letters Easily!)

Is letter writing dead? It might look that way. Since 2007, there’s been a 21% decrease in the number of letters being sent out.

Any guesses as to what happened in 2007? Social media really picked up steam. Why bother sending a letter when your friends are a click away?

Sending personalized mail might seem like a losing strategy for the modern world, especially businesses looking to reach new customers. We’ll show you why mailing still matters and can even help you stand out in a big way.

Find out why to send personalized direct mail and how to be effective when doing it with our guide.

Personalized Mail Gets Results

Our email inboxes are cluttered with hundreds of meaningless offers. It’s easy to just click on the garbage can icon and ignore them.

In fact, email gets only .12% response from those it’s sent to. For comparison, direct mail gets a 4.4% response.

Physical representation, eye-catching graphics, and taking the time and money to send something to someone aren’t enough. When you make it personalized, you truly show your recipient you care.

The Basics of Direct Mail Targeting

Not sure where to begin with personalizing your mail? We’ve got a basic template that will help you get started.

Use the recipient’s name: Don’t use “dear sir/madam” or “to who it may concern”. Show you know who you’re writing to.

Use what you know: Did the customer make a donation last year or purchase a certain product? Mention that specific info to let them know you understand their needs.

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Mention why you’re writing them: Something like “you bought this last year; is it time for another?”

It’s just that easy. Don’t forget to get their attention with great graphics and attention-getting shipping envelopes.

Want to go even further? Keep reading for more ideas for your personalized mail campaigns.


Is your recipient’s subscription running out? If it’s time to renew, this is a great opportunity to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Send them a personalized reminder and take a moment to thank them for their subscription.


Time flies and before we know it, there’s a big anniversary around the corner. If your recipient has been using your service for 1, 5, 10 or more years, why not celebrate?

It doesn’t even have to be a big anniversary. It can even be something like “we’ve been mailing you for a year. Thanks!”.

Ask For Feedback

Send your customers a quiz as to how you’re doing. This is great not only to get insight as to what they want more of but also how you’re performing overall.

You can even use their quiz answers in your next round of direct mail!

Start Your Personalized Mail Campaign Today

As you can see, personalized mail is effective and has lots of applications. It’s beneficial for personal communication, big companies and small businesses just starting out.

Want to learn more about how to take your business to the next level? We’ve got all the info you need. Check back on our business blog often to discover more life hacks every day!

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