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5 DIY Projects to Do With Your Small Air Compressor

So you’re trying to become handier. You’ve built up an arsenal of tools that would make your dad proud and even a little bit jealous. But you’re like the average homeowner with nine home improvement projects you keep meaning to get to.

If you’ve got a small air compressor hanging out in your tool shed, you’re in luck. The squat little tank that you’ve been wondering what to do with is a well-rounded tool (in more ways than one).

You’re about to become a member of the 10% club- the 10% of homeowners who feel like they are crushing home maintenance tasks. Here are five projects that will get you on your way.

1. Using a Small Air Compressor: Clean Up Your Yard

What better thing to do with an air compressor than to use it to blow air? With a blowing attachment, you can blow away leaves and debris. Clean off your sidewalk, your front stairs, your driveway.

You can also get your reusable filters clear again and blow clean your A/C return vents. Or use the extra air force to loosen paint chips. Even stuck bike handle grips will turn loose if you tuck the nozzle inside.

2. Paint the Living Room

If you’ve been putting off a paint job, get it done quickly with a spray gun attachment. Before you update your beige living room to the new trendy neutral, make sure to move your furniture first and cover the floor.

A pneumatic paint sprayer distributes the paint evenly. This makes it ideal for detail work like airbrushing (it’s not only for mall t-shirts) or painting cabinets, where a smooth finish matters.

3. Put Winter Air in Your Tires

The change in seasons can make the air pressure in your car tires drop. Improve your gas mileage and get that annoying tire sensor to turn off by pumping up your tires. Make sure to check the PSI as you go, and don’t over-inflate.

Tire maintenance is not the only car-related use for air compressors. A ratchet attachment can help remove stuck or rusted bolts to make giving a tune-up easier. To find a great compressor for powering your home body shop, click for more info.

4. Pretty Up Your Dining Room

If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest or browsing design blogs, you’ve likely come across dining rooms with pretty wainscoting or entryways encased in board and batten. The thought of nailing and patching a million holes by hand is off-putting, for sure.

A nail gun will get the job done in no time. You can even get a pin nailer for lightweight trim that makes holes so small they don’t need filling. You’re halfway done already!

5. Make A Padded Bench

Is there a hard bench in your house you’d like to add padding to? A staple gun makes it too easy not to try. You can buy foam at the craft store and add fabric, stretching it tight and stapling it to plywood cut to size.

Or, reupholster a kitchen chair. All you have to do is cut fabric to fit and staple it to the base of the chair. Once you get started, you’ll find countless things around the house you want to staple fabric to.

Do You Have Big Plans for Your Small Air Compressor?

Once you know what to do with it, a small air compressor can become your most useful tool. Sweeping, painting, decorating. Who knew the air was so versatile?

Do you have plans for any other home projects? Maybe you’re ready to update your kitchen or tackle your backyard. For more house tips on everything from cleaning to home security, check out our blog.