What Every Woman Should Know: 4 Essential Health Tips for Women

A man and a woman with the same symptoms have a good chance of getting the same diagnosis, right? Wrong. 

A woman’s health is often considered less serious or urgent. A study in the United Kingdom found that it takes an average of seven or eight years for women to get diagnosed with endometriosis. 

Not all medical professionals will bring gender biases into the examining room. However, it makes it even more important that women do what they can to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Keep reading to learn about some useful health tips for women. 

Practice Moderation at Mealtimes

Be wary of fad diets. Many of them advocate cutting out entire food groups.

If you’re allergic to something, you shouldn’t eat it. But don’t stop eating strawberries because a coworker told you red berries are bad for women born in July. 

That applies to “bad” food groups as well. Take sweets, for instance. Indulging in dessert once or twice a week is much different than having it every single day. 

Exercise Regularly

New physical fitness guidelines say Americans need both aerobic exercise and “muscle-strengthening” activities. In other words, you should be using both the treadmill and the weights at the gym.

If you can’t go to the gym every day, or every other day, don’t give up and resign yourself to a sedentary lifestyle. Go for walks. A 20-minute walk around the neighborhood is still better than 20 minutes of sitting on the couch. 

Check Your Sexual Health

You can’t discuss women’s health without also discussing their sexual health. Topics like birth control and sexually transmitted diseases are uncomfortable for many women. Too often, that discomfort becomes a barrier to getting the right kind of care. 

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What’s the solution? A facility like FPA Chicago that focuses exclusively on women’s reproductive health is the answer for many women. Such places offer financial help for women who can’t afford treatment. 

Make sure to get a well-woman checkup annually. Find a medical professional you can trust with questions about birth control and sex.

You may feel awkward asking about something that happens to your body after sex. For your doctor, it’s a standard day at the office.  

Avoid Alcohol

Having a glass or two of wine with your girlfriends is fun. But it’s difficult to be a healthy woman if you’re going out and drinking heavily most nights. 

Of course, not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic. But you can still drink in a way that damages your health. 

Heavy drinking increases the risk of both cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. As you age, it can also increase your risk of developing dementia. 

An alcohol-free lifestyle is possible. You can start by inviting your friends to hang out at your house instead of the local dive bar. 

More Health Tips for Women

The list of health tips for women doesn’t stop there. A healthy woman should always be on the lookout for new developments that will boost her quality of life.

For instance, some women who have trouble exercising find getting a dog helps. Going on walks with a dog is more fulfilling than walking solo. For more, check out our list of things to consider before you visit a shelter.