5 Emerging Commercial Construction Trends to Watch Right Now

Currently, the construction industry is worth $1.23 billion. That’s millions of dollars worth of new projects and buildings being made every day.

If you want a part of those billions, you have to know the direction construction is taking. Understanding how this industry works is no easy feat. It seems like trends change on the daily basis.

How are most people supposed to keep up?

Luckily, we’ve put together a list to help you understand the 5 most important construction trends of 2018.

1. Construction Trends Are Becoming Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest construction trends is going green. Whether it’s using more efficient materials or clearing old buildings in a more environmentally friendly way, the future of construction is sustainability.

This is why the most quickly growing field of construction is green construction. Designing buildings to be more energy efficient is one of the most common architectural trends of this year.

There’s also a lot more time and money spent on finding new ways to make buildings out of recycled materials.

2. More Expensive Materials 

Expect commercial construction to become more expensive. In fact, according to the Associated Builders and Contractors, there was a 9.6% increase in construction materials costs this year. 

The reason for the increase in cost is the decreasing supply as well as the large influx of new construction projects being built, leading to higher prices.

Another problem leading to higher prices is shortages, especially for materials like concrete and cement. Currently, places like Argentina are facing a cement shortage that’s causing a massive price increase and delaying large construction projects.

3. Offsite Construction

The newest building development trends revolve around offsite construction. This means that commercial buildings will be assembled in different places rather than all at once. And these buildings will eventually be put together using scaffolding.  

Scaffolding is often complicated and requires specialized skills, but thankfully there are scaffolding Sunshine Coast companies that can assemble any offsite construction project.

4. Smaller Labor Force

Currently, the construction industry will have to learn to do more with less, as there are hundreds of thousands of jobs in construction that currently aren’t filled. 

Unfortunately for people looking to hire, the unemployment rate is low, so filling many positions may be difficult. 

5. Improved Safety Equipment

One of the best construction trends is better products that protect employee safety.

For example, there are helmets and boots that can connect to the company’s wifi. This allows them to give you updates on employees to see if they’ve fallen or are injured.

This not only means safer and healthier employees but also less risk of lawsuits and time lost due to workplace injuries. 

We’re Here to Give You Construction Ideas

Knowing the latest construction trends will help your project stay on schedule and under budget.

But there’s much more to learn when it comes to building and architecture. If you want more tips about construction check out our blog