10 International Travel Hacks for the Wanderer in You

Many people never see the world because they’re too intimidated by international travel. 

That’s unfortunate. It’s been proven that people who travel tend to be healthier both physically and mentally than those who don’t.

Don’t let the stress of international travel hold you back. There are many ways that you can make your trip more care-free and relaxing.

It’s supposed to be a vacation, remember?

Maybe it’s your finances that are keeping you grounded. Luckily for you, there’s also a bunch of ways to travel the globe on the cheap.

Looking to scratch that travel itch in the most frugal/fun/stress-free way possible? Check out these 10 awesome international travel hacks for an epic vacay!

1. First Things First: Bring a First Aid Kit

Exploring the world does come with a few risks. Eating exotic foods can give you an upset stomach. You might even get a small scrape here and there.

None of these issues call for a trip to the emergency room. But, you don’t want to lose time going to the pharmacy. 

For minor ailments, make sure you pack a handy first aid kit in your luggage. After a plate of local cuisine an antacid might be a life saver!

2. Use Layovers as a Chance For a Bonus Trip

Certain airlines offer free stopovers. This gives you a chance to leave the airport during a layover and spend a day or 2 in another country. Though it may not be your final destination, you get the gift of seeing another part of the world!

Do some searching online. Some airlines offer up to a week of extended stopover with no additional charge.

3. Makes Air Travel Price Alerts Your Boss

Some travel sites allow you to set up automated warnings for when airfare drops. This is a great hack for those who have the luxury of leaving on a whim. 

Let’s say you’ve been dying to go to New Zealand. You get a warning that a round trip ticket’s price just got slashed in half. 

All of a sudden you have weekend plans and you can cross another destination off your bucket list. 

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4. Keep Your Suitcase Packed

This is a good hack for the puddle jumpers hopping from country to country. Often when you get to a hotel room you’ll want to unpack and get comfortable.

This is a huge waste of time. You’ll have to pack everything up again the next day! Keep everything you know you’ll need on top. Then layer outfits accordingly.

It may sound lazy, but you’re on vacation. Enjoy a little laziness!

5. Scan Your Important Documents

There’s nothing worse than traveling internationally and losing your identification. Your passport is your lifeline. Without it, your trip could be ruined.

Everyone traveling abroad should scan all their important documents. Especially your passport.

E-mail the files to yourself. The scan won’t get you through customs. But, it will make it a lot easier to get a replacement ASAP.

6. Don’t Be Ashamed To Travel Like a Tourist

Seasoned globetrotters never want to look like tourists. It’s too bad. They’re missing some awesome travel opportunities.

Snobby wanderers turn up their noses at “Hop On, Hop Off” tour buses. But they are actually a great way to get around a busy city.

It will take you past all the most popular landmarks and things to do. You won’t miss an attraction because you got lost on the local transportation system. A cab can take you somewhere directly, but it’s a lot more expensive.

You can ride these buses as long as you want. Hop off when something piques your interest, then hop back on again.

7. Mark Your Bag As Fragile (Even If It’s Not)

This hack may be a little mischievous, but it’s worth the little white lie. Even if your luggage is just filled with sweaters, mark your back as fragile.

This makes the baggage employees handle your baggage with more care. They even give your bag priority over the other luggage. 

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Your bag will be one of the first ones out on the carousel. This gives you more time to explore!

8. Fight Jet Lag By Not Sleeping

When you hop off the plane in a whole different time zone your first instinct is to conk out. Fight that urge.

Studies show that the best way to fight jet lag is by getting exercise. When you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is go for a jog. But, that run will help you transition to the new time zone faster.

Take off that sleep mask and put on those running shoes!

9. Stay Safe With a Fake Wallet

In many bazaars around the world, you’ll see people playing shell games. They hide a ball under a cup and someone has to guess where it lands. A fake wallet is a shell game for your pants.

Always carry a fake wallet that’s easier to get to than your real one. Pickpockets will grab that while your real valuables stay safe.

You do have to make it convincing. A couple small bills and an expired credit card should do the trick. 

A fake wallet keeps you in control. Just like a shell game, the dealer always wins.

10. A Smile Can Go a Long Way

This hack may sound corny, but it works like a gem.

Unfortunately, much of the world expects Americans to behave like entitled jerks. If you give them the opposite impression, doors will open for you.

You’ll be able to get the most out of all your travel. A friendly smile will get you perks at hotels, planes, and restaurants.

International Travel Hacks: Globetrot Like a Pro

Traveling the world will enrich your spirit and give you some perspective. Yes, it can be stressful to navigate another culture. But, with these international travel hacks, you’ll be globetrotting like a pro.

Did you enjoy this article and want to learn more? Then check out this blog for more handy hacks. Bon voyage!