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Selecting Your Headshot Background: 4 Scenes and Settings to Consider

We all know the old cliche, a picture says a thousand words.

And while it may be overstated, it is a true statement. Especially in today’s digital world. According to research, 7 in 10 employers look at your social media accounts prior to and during your employment.

This, in turn, means the photographs you post on your professional social media sites like LinkedIn or your freelance YouTube site, are especially important.

Thus, headshots are no longer just for people trying to make it in Hollywood, but for everyone working in almost every field.

Scroll down to look at tips for headshot backgrounds to consider when getting your photograph taken.

1. Make Sure Your Headshot Background Matches Your Professional Setting

This may seem like an obvious statement, but for many, it’s not. This does not mean if you are a surgeon, have someone take your picture while you are at the operating table.

What it means is having a background that sets the tone. If you are an event planner, maybe you could have an outdoor or venue background. If you are a doctor or a lawyer, often just a solid color background is best.

People directly correlate your photograph to your business. You can have some fun but remember, professional parallel is key.

2. Be Aware of How Lighting Will Effect Your Professional Headshots

Many people try to take their own professional business headshots in selfie mode.

Lighting is one of the most important things for a good photograph of anyone and anything. But the problem with this is that there is often a shadow in the background. The shadow looks both unprofessional and distracting at the same time.

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To prevent a shadow from being in the photograph, make sure to stand at least three feet in front of the backdrop. Move out or in as needed.

3. Less Is More When it Comes to Getting the Best Professional Headshots

If you go with a fabric background, do not choose anything too flashy or with small print. When it comes to your professional headshot, the safe bet is choosing a solid colored background.

This allows you to be the first and only thing an eye is drawn to. Mike Sansone’s headshots are a great example of how you stand out in front of a solid colored background.

Again, it is ok to show some of your personality in your setting or backdrop. But remember, executive headshots are solely meant to show off one product: you.

4. Hire A Professional Photographer

A professional photographer may seem like a preposterous tip, but one should think of it as a prosperous one.

It is unlikely that many people in need of professional headshots have the proper lighting, tripods, and backdrops, to take a photograph that will stand out among job recruiters.

Instead of wasting your money on the fabric for a background, trying on a dozen outfits, and spending a whole day trying to edit and do these things on your own, go to someone who has all the supplies you will need.

Headshots Are Your Shot

Paying attention to details like your headshot background may not be at the top of your job hunting list. But your photo is the first thing anyone sees when they search on your social media sites.

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Make sure you take a photograph that is not only worth a thousand words but worth a lasting impression on employers.