Tutor Time: 5 Signs You Need to Get a Tutor for Your Child

I get by with a little help from my . . . tutor? While it’s not the classic Beatle reprise, it’s the reality for a lot of kids. 

With the differences in learning speeds, intelligence types, and learning styles, it’s impossible for kids to stay 100% on track with a pre-made, generic curriculum. Which means at some point, they’re going to need some extra help. 

That may mean that you can’t provide help because you don’t have the time – or the expertise. But you have to know when your child is struggling to get them the help they need. 

Think it’s time to get a tutor? Confirm your suspicions below. 

1. Your Child Is Anxious

Kids are a lot of things, they’re loud, they’re messy, and they’re sometimes thoughtless – but one thing they shouldn’t be? Full of anxiety.

Yet we’re seeing more anxiety in depression in children every year. Don’t let your child become a statistic. If you notice them taking up anxious habits like chewing their nails or something else, try to figure out what’s happening.

Talk to their teacher — have they noticed any of this? Maybe they clam up when it’s time to switch to another topic – that could be a sign they need help in that area.

2. You Can’t Help

A lot of parents don’t have the time they’d like to give to their kids — let alone to teach their kids school-things. Most of us barely remember how to do long division when it doesn’t divide cleanly anyways.

And maybe you have to work long hours just to provide for your family. That would be a good reason to get a tutor who can help with general homework — not just one subject.

Paying for a tutor a few hours a week is absolutely worth your child feeling like they can ask for help. Learn about kumon cost here.

3. Lying

All kids lie sometimes. At first, when they’re really little, it’s cute. But as they get older it gets more serious. Lying about not having homework can lead to them falling behind in school.

But most kids don’t lie for no reason – they either really don’t want to do their homework or they feel like they can’t do it. It’s easier to not try than to spend time working on it and feeling dumb (to them).

If you notice your child lying about homework when you know they have it (or get notes home from school) look into what type of homework they’re skipping.

Getting them a tutor for that type is a good idea. You can even put the tutor in touch with the teacher so the tutor always knows the full assignment-load truth.

4. A Learning Disability

If you suspect or know your child has a learning disability, you should get them a tutor with no delay. A learning disability is only a disability if you treat it like one.

A tutor who’s versed in that disability can help kids come up with strategies that put them one step ahead of their disorder. We’re not saying that tutoring will cure anything, but it’ll absolutely help.

Plus, a tutor who works with kids with disabilities usually has had one themselves. Then the kids won’t feel so alone.

Get a Tutor

A lot of kids have tutors now – and if your kid feels embarrassed needing one, they can always meet with your child at home. There’s no shame in getting extra help, which is a lesson kids need to learn early.

Struggling in silence doesn’t help anyone, at any age. Get a tutor before this trouble with math or whatever it becomes a life-long hatred.

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