Top 9 Adult Dating Sites for Serious Relationships

Everyone knows where to go to swipe and find someone for some “Netflix and chill.” But where do you go when you are looking for a more meaningful connection?

Many marriages and long term relationships have been forged through online adult dating sites. It’s a huge industry, so there are lots of options out there catering to specific age groups, religions, and other predilections. 

How do you find the right dating site for you? If you are looking for a serious long term relationship, here are nine sites that may lead you to the partner of your dreams. 

1. Match

Match.com is one of the oldest and largest dating sites in the world. It started in 1995, so it basically set the standard for protocols in online dating profiles. It has a huge database so it gives you the widest possible array of possible partners.

Match also has many filters to allow you to screen out for an infinite variety of character traits, including smoking, drinking, children, and intentions.

Some users have a few complaints, including its unreliable customer service and its automatic billing. However, if you really want to cast a wide net for possible partners who share the same goals and traits you do, Match is a great place to start.  

2. EHarmony

This website brands itself as the site for people looking for marriage. It uses a patented algorithm which sorts members according to 29 different dimensions of compatibility.

EHarmony was sued a few years ago for being anti-gay; its founder is also a well-known Christian conservative. The site responded with a site and algorithm aimed at the LGBTQ community called Compatible Partners. 

This site charges some of the highest rates for membership of comparable adult dating sites. 

3. Bumble

Bumble was formed to give women more authority in the online dating world. Women make the first move.

Bumble has a strict anti-harassment, anti-bullying, anti-stalking policy, It even monitors less scary but not nice behavior, like ghosting(not allowed!) 

It’s super important to have a great photo and profile on Bumble-  and on most of the dating sites. You want to present your best self without being misleading so that you attract the kind of people with whom there is a real possibility of connecting. 

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4. OK Cupid 

OK Cupid is free, which is appealing to many who may not be able to shell out the fees charged by other sites. Because it is free, it has a wide pool of members, giving you a huge choice.

However, because it’s free it has fewer perks than some of the paid services.  Without a well-calibrated algorithm like eHarmony, many OK Cupid users say they get a lot of people who are not perfect matches. The customer service is not considered the best, either. 

5. Elite Singles

This site is aimed specifically at professionals looking for long term relationships.  It has a paid membership and a survey which can take up to 45 minutes to complete. 

There is a strong emphasis on careers and education. Targeting people whose time is precious, the site proactively offers you several possible matches per day instead of asking you to scroll through hundreds of options.

Some users found recommendations for possible dates outside of their geographic vicinity. While long term relationships are possible, keep this feature in mind when considering this dating site. 

6. Hyper-Local Sites

Some people who are looking for love online do not want to waste their time chatting with people hundreds of miles away. Why bother with people with whom there is no realistic possibility of a long term relationship? Unless you are willing to move or are open to alternative arrangements to traditional dating, living together or marriage, you may want a site which shows you the options close to home.

Local dating sites have proliferated due to demand for people seeking relationships in their specific communities. For example, Florida singles may only want to consider people with whom they can get together several nights per week- who live within a few miles of you.

People who live close may have similar interests. If you live near the beach and love it, maybe you want someone who enjoys fishing and swimming too. You may seek someone with a strong connection to the local culture like food or music if that is an attribute you value. 

7. J Date 

If it is important to you to date and possibly marry someone who shares your faith, there are plenty of dating sites aimed at specific religions. 

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JDate.com is the premier online dating community for Jewish singles, with hundreds of thousands of members and a near-perfect 50-50 male-to-female ratio.

Its members are predominantly located in major metropolitan areas like New York, L.A., and Miami, and are well-educated. Their religious and ethnic backgrounds vary, including Hassidic, Modern Orthodox, Ashkenazi, and Sephardic.

Some JDate.com members keep kosher and regularly attend temple, and others do not. Non-Jews can join. There is an option to click if you are willing to convert.

Creating a profile on JDate.com is free. A paid subscription is required to message with other members. 

8. Silver Singles 

Like wanting to date someone in your faith, others want to date someone in their own age group. Silver Singles is an offshoot of Elite Singles, and it is aimed at people who are 50 years old and over who are looking for love, dating, and friendship.

The site is easy to navigate, a plus for less tech-savvy seniors. To sign up you must answer a questionnaire that includes over one hundred personality-based questions. Then you receive data-driven matches.

The site is free to create a profile but you must pay a fee if you want to start communicating with others.

9. Plenty of Fish 

Plenty of Fish is completely free, so this is another great option if you do not have the budget for some of the higher priced options. The site is very popular in countries like Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and the United States, so you will get a global assortment of possible matches. 

Trying to Find Your True Love: Adult Dating Sites May Be the Way! 

Adult dating sites are a terrific way to meet people you may have never had the opportunity to meet IRL (“in real life”). Depending on your budget and preferences, there are many ways to find people who share your beliefs, goals, and dreams. 

Get out there and start chatting! 

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