Strive for Excellence: 8 Ways to Earn a Challenge Coin

Ever felt like you deserve some sort of recognition for your hard work? Don’t fret; you can get more than a pat on the back. Nowadays, you can also strive to get a challenge coin.

Challenge coin history lets the military task its soldiers. They can use them to ask for an almost impossible goal.

The challenge coin has become prevalent outside the military. Many civilians adopt it for their uses.

What is a challenge coin? How do you earn it? Do you want one for yourself?

We’ve got it all covered for you below, from the different challenge coin rules and how to get them. Read on to discover more.

What Is A Challenge Coin?

What is a challenge coin? Challenge coins are metallic pieces with an organization’s emblem on them. Depending on the event, they mark merit and achievements within the organization.

Challenge coin history starts with the military. It is a way of motivating their platoons to perform with honor and duty. All three branches of the military have their own insignia.

According to challenge coin rules, the medallion is transferrable. The commander can give it to their people in discreet handshakes. These coins are possible to earn in many ways.

In the current landscape, civilian challenge coins are also available for custom purposes.

1. Earn Them Through Special Service

Challenge coins are possible to earn through exemplary service. You need to give excellent service to your branch of the military for you to earn the honor of owning one.

The first way of owning a coin is to go by the challenge coin rules. There’s an official rule in the ownership of such coinage called a coin check. This happens when you’re in a public place, usually a bar, and you want to connect with your fellow veterans.

Initiating a coin check means you’re expecting to honor someone for their good deed. In this case, if you want to receive your very own challenge coins, you need to succeed in the request.

You can also honor a comrade with a custom coin when you visit this website.

2. Join The Military

Want to do meritorious service? Do you want a sincere and traditional way to earn your challenge coins?

If you want to earn your challenge coin through reliable service, an excellent way to do so is join the military. Presidential challenge coins are possible to receive. All you need is to perform courageous acts on the battlefield.

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Whether you get academic achievements as a cadet or do great actions during combat operations, you can get your very own challenge coin that follows the traditional challenge coin history.

3. Achieve In Your Workspace

What is a challenge coin for civilians? Since not all people want to go to the military, businesses can provide their own coinage.

This is from the same material as legit challenge coins. This means you can use them to call up challenge coin rules. Many companies use them to acknowledge the hard work of their employees.

Depending on the type of business, you can have coins that follow the value of challenge coin history. This means you don’t give it away – rather give it to someone who helps your organization.

If anything, you can use a similar coin to advertise your business or use as a business card.

4. Earn It From The Community

Another way to earn a challenge coin is to join community organizations. Many times firefighters, the police, or charity organizations give away these challenge coins to boost the morale of their people. These are for people who perform great services to others.

Volunteer firefighters give these coins for heroic sacrifices. They’re a token of gratitude that fire chiefs give away when someone’s service is above and beyond.

The same goes for the police. Those who show outstanding honor and service in the police force receive their own coins. These legit follow the challenge coin history.

5. Get it From Fund Raising

In many events and fundraising, a presidential challenge coin is possible to earn. This is true especially for government charities to raise extra funds. In civilian events, this is possible as well.

In the White House Gift Shop, it’s possible to buy a presidential challenge coin. These cost anywhere between $6 to around $42. These bear the symbol of different branches under the president. These include the three military bodies.

While these are not official merit coins, they are still legit pieces. These are available to the highest bidders in events. You can also earn them through challenge coin rules.

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6. Gift Them To Veteran Relatives

This is not earning them per se, but you can buy custom challenge coins for you or your veteran loved ones. Many people, especially the ones who joined the prior wars, did not receive much merit. Why not give one to them?

It seems weird that you’re giving a relative a challenge coin, but here’s the thing. Challenge coin history says these tokens are earnable. What better way to thank your vet relative for their service other than challenge coins?

What is a challenge coin to a vet? It’s a recognition of their hard work.

7. Achieve In Your Business

Part of a chamber of commerce? You’ll find annual events that recognize innovators in their members. Whether this is in marketing or contributions to the community, different challenge coins come to their members as awards.

This is why if you want your own coin, start your own business and find a chamber of commerce in your local area. Be active in the community and try to innovate.

Business communities tend to be tightknit, which makes the use of challenge coins for awards possible.

8. Join Competitions and Contests

There are many civilian competitions in different industries that give challenge coins to participants. Depending on the sector, you will find coins that bear a business’ logo as a giveaway to exclusive contests.

For example, you can find limited edition NASA and SpaceX coins for their different aerospace missions. Depending on the event, industries with great milestones will have different challenge coin rules. Some are easy, some need participation.

Earn Your Challenge Coin Now

For honor or merit, the challenge coin is an acknowledgment of great service. Whether it’s military, business or civilian, receiving such tokens mean you achieved something. You can give custom coins to vet family members or even employees for their hard work.

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