Get a Dope Education: Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Classes

The legal weed market could exceed $22 billion in the next few years. Learn all about cannabis classes to get a good job in this growing industry.

The total demand for cannabis in the United States is over $52.5 billion. The emerging marijuana industry has to meet this demand. In turn, this creates jobs.

You, too, can enjoy success in the weed world.

Here’s what you need to know about getting an education in cannabis:

Choose a Job/Career Path

Before you commit to marijuana college, ask yourself this: What kind of marijuana job do I want? Do you plan on building a full-fledged career out of the legal marijuana industry?

Most cannabis jobs consist of more than sitting around and smoking weed. They’re actual jobs that need to be filled with qualified individuals. Getting the right training, certificates, and coursework will make you stand out as a qualified job candidate.

No matter what you’re good at, there’s a cannabis education program for you. For instance, if you excel in the sciences, there are classes that teach about cannabis’s physiology and biology. If you’re good at business or marketing, there’s also marijuana-specific programs for these fields.

If you’re interested in working at a dispensary, you’ll have to get a proper license from a cannabis university.

You could be making over $70,000 each year with a cannabis job.

Accredited Cannabis Classes

It’s important to make sure you’re getting your education from a valid source. Before you enroll in a pot class, check the university’s credentials. This is the best way to avoid shelling out money for a cannabis school that won’t benefit you.

There are plenty of accredited cannabis programs out there. For example, Oaksterdam University claims to be America’s first cannabis college. This college has accredited programs in marijuana horticulture, business, and more.

Not only does Oaksterdam offer certifications, but this university also offers in-person and online classes. 

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Minor in Cannabis Studies

If you’re not sure what kind of cannabis career you want, consider getting a minor in cannabis studies. Stockton University offers this minor. It will give you a competitive edge in any cannabis career you pursue.

The campus is located in New Jersey, a state where medical marijuana is legal. This state is getting ready to legalize recreational cannabis use.

This minor consists of five courses, including two “backbone” courses you must take. These two courses focus on cannabis law and medicinal cannabis.

(Note: Cannabis law changes frequently. You’ll have to keep up with marijuana legalization progress of whatever state you plan on working in.)

Students who get this cannabis minor can eventually enjoy cannabis careers. This includes jobs as doctors, scientists, lawyers, extraction technicians, and more.

The school is planning on making a certificate program for students who are interested in working in the cannabis industry.


Possessing a certificate will qualify you for a job in cannabis. A cannabis training university will offer these certificate programs. It just depends on what kind of certificate you’re looking to get.

For example, Cannabis Training University offers nine different marijuana job certifications. Certifications include cooking, growing, medical, law, and more.

Cannabis Training University touts itself as “the world’s leading online marijuana school.” Getting a certificate here could lead to other opportunities in the marijuana industry.

You can get a medical marijuana training and education certificate from other schools. Just make sure the program is accredited.

Medicinal Plant Chemistry

If you’re a fan of the green herb, you might have an affinity for plant sciences. The marijuana industry needs more people like this.

Northern Michigan University offers a medicinal plant chemistry degree program. It’s now an option to involve weed into your plant chemistry education. So far, 230 students are enrolled in this program.

With this cannabis education program, you choose between two paths: an entrepreneurial track or a bioanalytical track. Your coursework will focus on whichever primary objective you choose.

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In order to pursue this special medicinal plant chemistry degree, you must take certain prerequisite courses in science. That includes chemistry and biology courses.

You’re more likely to get a job that involves growing marijuana with this NMU degree. Getting a degree in agriculture with a focus on marijuana is also good education for growers.


The health field needs professionals trained with knowledge about marijuana. If biology is your thing, learning about marijuana is a lucrative option for you.

The University of California at Davis has a class that was created with biology majors in mind. It’s called Physiology of Cannabis. This class explains how the body reacts to cannabis.

Students also learn about cannabis’s therapeutic and medicinal properties in this UC Davis class. They’ll also learn about the history of cannabis.

The University of Washington’s School of Medicine offers special training for doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other health professionals. The program is called Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain. In this program, you learn all about how cannabis interacts with chronic pain.

One of the marijuana facts science has confirmed is that marijuana improves chronic pain. This program will give you insight into the science behind this. At the end, you can get a CME or CPE.

Go Green or Go Home

At least 13% of Americans use cannabis. As the industry grows, there will be a continuing need for cannabis classes.

Some cannabis jobs pay higher than others. For example, extraction technicians can make over $150,000 each year. As long as you have a job in cannabis, you’ll have a job you’re passionate about that also pays well.

Level up your brain and explore more education hacks. It’ll make you a smarter person.