How to Win at Bingo Every Time: 9 Sneaky Insider Tips

This time last year a woman won Vegas’ largest bingo win pot ever. She walked away with just over $110,000. That’s a tidy sum for a game that consists of calling out numbers. 

Your local bingo game might not have a pot quite that large. Whatever your winnings, it’s nice to go home with a little extra.

We can’t tell you how to win at bingo every time. But we can give you some tips to put the odds in your favor for a win. 

1. Get There Early 

This one isn’t so much a bingo tip as a general tip to perform your best and set yourself up for success. Similar to professional athletes, get to the location early. 

You want to have plenty of time to get settled, organize your lucky charms, and grab a drink. If you rush in and throw your stuff down as they are about to call the first number, then you are already behind. 

2. Have the Right Tools 

You can’t do any job well if you don’t have the right tools. You need a bingo dabber to quickly mark your cards. 

You also need masking tape. That way you don’t waste time keeping your cards in order on the table. You are playing with more than one card, right?

3. Choose the Right Seat 

We all have our preferred place to sit, right? Just watch students file into a classroom for the first time. You can watch the evaluation process. 

Some people are a front of the room type. While others want to be towards the back. We naturally gravitate towards a seat that makes us feel comfortable. 

The same thing happens at bingo. Sit in a seat that makes you feel comfortable so you can focus on the task at hand. But there is more to it than that. 

Pay attention to the atmosphere of the room. Avoid the social group making a loud ruckus. You won’t be able to hear the caller over them. 

Avoid sitting near your friends. Otherwise, you’ll have the temptation to chat instead of focusing. 

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If the hall is large, you may want to sit near the caller. That way you don’t miss any numbers that are called. 

4. Select Cards with Different Numbers 

You want to cover the widest range of numbers possible on your cards. That way you have greater odds of having a number that is called on one of your cards. 

If your cards have too many numbers that are the same, you will either win big or lose big. But your odds of winning won’t be as good as if you diversify. 

5. The Tippett Theory 

Take this theory with a grain of salt as it hasn’t officially been proven. But it is worth a try to see how it works out for you. 

The theory goes like this, the more numbers that get called in a wheel-of-balls type of bingo game, the more likely they will be more towards the median. So if there are 99 balls in the wheel, the median number would be 45. 

If the game is going to be a long one, then you want to choose a card with more numbers that are close to the median number. 

6. Play as Many Cards as Possible

We are going to caveat this tip with, you don’t want to limit your play, but you should always know your limits. So you want to play as many cards as possible that stays within your abilities. 

Playing more cards than you can manage means you will miss numbers. Once you miss numbers, you have zero chance of winning and are wasting your time. 

7. Number Counting 

This theory has to do with wheel-of-ball bingo games. The theory focuses on statistical odds. The odds start out equal on all numbers, low to high and even or odd. 

But as numbers get pulled, the odds get higher that your numbers will get pulled. So with this theory, you are better off buying fewer books per game and playing more games.  

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This theory works in person where a number gets manually pulled from a wheel, but also with online Bingo USA sites. Since these sites should follow the same type of pattern of pulling numbers. 

8. Granville Strategy System

Joseph E. Granville is more well known for his financial writing on stock investments. But what most people don’t know is that he used his mathematical skills to figure out a strategy for bingo. 

The basic idea is that there is a balance to numbers being called. So you want a card that reflects that balance in its numbers. So check your card to make sure you have equal amounts of these number qualities: 

  • Odd and even numbers 
  • High and low numbers 
  • Even amount of numbers that end in these numbers: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Some online and in person bingo halls allow you to change out your cards if you are unhappy with them. If you do this, check them immediately and continue to switch them until you find the one you like. 

9. Look for the Side Prize 

When you play bingo online, there is usually a chatroom associated with the room of play. You don’t have to be an active participant in the chat room. 

You should keep an eye on it for a moderator announcement. Often, there are special prizes and competitions that happen from the chat room. 

So keep the chat window open and keep an eye on it. You may not win the bingo game, but you could still score a win. 

Know How to Win at Bingo Every Time

With these tips, you now know how to win at bingo every time. Well, we can’t guarantee that you’ll win, but at least you now know how to tips the odds in your favor. 

Start out with setting yourself up for success by doing the prep work. then stay focused and commit to your strategy. Before you know it, you’ll be shouting, BINGO!

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