Personal Finance Made Easier: 9 Bill Apps to Help You Manage Your Loans

So, you’ve graduated college and you’re feeling fine. 6 months pass by and you receive an ominous email– your student loan payment is due. 

You knew this day would come, but you also thought you’d have your life semi-ordered by now, and that just isn’t the case. It takes some time to get situated in normal, working life. Managing bills and social life expenses is enough before they drop student loan payments on you. 

At the same time, you’ve got to pay those loans unless you want to defer them and just rack up more interest. If you’re feeling scattered, never fear. We have a list of the best bill apps you can use to manage your expenses and start adulting the right way. 

9 Bill Apps to Streamline Your Life

While no one app can solve all of your financial problems, it always helps to have someone or something reminding you when bills are due and what they’re for. It’s kind of like when your parents would pester you about homework assignments, except apps are a gentler reminder that something is due.

If you’re already a little behind on your loans and need money soon, consider going through a company like Bonsai Finance for a little cushion. 

Now, let’s get started with some apps that will make your life a whole lot easier:


YNAB stands for “You Need a Budget.” The app is sort of like a mentor in that it gives you four principles to live by when it comes to money. First, it suggests that you give a purpose to every dollar you earn.

This means having a plan so that you don’t blow all of your extra, free-floating cash. Next, it asks that you take on your true expenses. So, things like loans and bills can’t be forgotten and should be addressed first. Third, roll with the punches– things are bound to go awry from time to time.

Finally, use your money in ways that allow you to set some aside for investments. The app has technology that aids you in achieving each one of these principles. 

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2. Mint

Mint is an all hands on deck, intuitive, fairly comprehensive application. It allows you to chart all of your bills, link your bank account, credit score, and more. It then gives you a rundown of your expenses and the kind of spending you do. 

Once you have a feel for your expenses and your habits, you can develop a plan and chart out what you should do in the future. Additionally, you can keep track of all your investments should you have any in the future. 

3. Debt Payoff Planner

This application allows you to simply input the balance on your loans, the respective amounts of interest that each one accrues, and your minimum monthly payments. 

It then gives you a realistic, specific plan for getting debt free. If nothing else, this app will give you an honest expectation of when you will be out of debt. Additionally, it gives the pros and cons of different debt payment strategies that you might use to get ahead. 

4. Debt Free

Luckily, the interface is as easy to understand as the name. Debt Free is an app that keeps you on track by giving you payment notification, insight on repayment strategies, an overview of your current debt and repayment, and more. 

It’s a dollar on the app store, and it is extremely useful if you’re looking for a solid overview of your finances. 

5. Prism

If you’re looking specifically bill apps, Prism is your go-to. It can help you chart your loan payments, but it can also channel most of your other bills. 

Payment reminders, bill scheduling, and more are all possible with Prism. You even have the option of paying your bills right through the app.

6. CreditWise

CreditWise is a good app for keeping up on the state of your bills and loans and how they’re affecting your credit. You’re given weekly insights into your credit as well as updates when your credit changes. 

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You’re also able to look into the state of various accounts that may be affecting your credit and how they’re doing. 

7. Undebt.it

This application offers a lot of the same services as most of the apps above. Things like account tracking and updates on loan payments are included. 

The real value of Undebt.it is its ability to categorize and present different repayment plans that you might be interested in. Debt snowball, avalanche, hybrid, and other repayment options are all able to be applied to your plan.

Even if you aren’t interested in changing your repayment strategy at the moment, it could be useful to understand the different options if you fall into some money later on. 

8. Clarity Money

Clarity Money gives you a clear look at your credit card balances and account statuses. Each time you go into the app, your accounts will be refreshed and you’ll see where each of your cards and accounts stand.

Further, the app can give you some really great insights into your spending habits and how you can potentially save money.

9. Personal Capital

This app is one to use if you have a number of assets that need managing. Personal Capital helps you along with your personal spending accounts as well, and synthesizes your funds and assets into a comprehensive plan that gives you a nice vantage point over your money. 

Not only does it give you a clear view of your money, but it also provides tools to move your money forward. From spending plans to insights on how you could maximize your investments, the app will make you confident that you’re making the right choices. 

Need More Advice on Adulting?

Using bill apps to streamline your expenses is one excellent way to start moving forward in life. At the same time, life is hard, and sometimes you need advice. 

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