Machu Picchu Peru with llama

8 Interesting Facts About Peru That You Probably Never Knew

Have you ever thought about traveling to Peru? If you haven’t wanted to go there, are you curious about the country?

This South American country has plenty of intriguing qualities. It’s hard to narrow it down, but here are eight interesting facts about Peru.

1. The Potato

Most people think of the Irish or Idaho when they think of the potato. However, the potato originated in Peru.

Today, about 4,000 varieties of potatoes grow in Peru. The cold mountain climate is perfect for planting potatoes.

2. The Alpaca

You probably don’t have to look very hard to find this fun fact in Peru. An estimated three-quarter of the world’s alpacas live here.

As a result of having plenty of alpaca, alpaca products are a significant industry in Peru.

3. The Llama

No, the llama is not the same as the alpaca. Llamas are larger and commonly used as pack animals. However, you’ll also see llamas harvested for their wool.

You’ll find no shortage of Llama souvenirs throughout Peru. These animals are native to Peru and domesticated by the Incas early in this country’s history.

4. The Sand Dune

Peru is home to the world’s highest sand dune: Cerro Blanco.

You’ll find it standing tall in the Sechura Desert. From base to summit, Cerro Blanco stands 3,860 feet tall.

It’s a must-see destination when you travel to Peru. Be sure you include it in your plans when you book your trip through a site like bestperutours.

5. The Guinea Pig

What you’ll find in cages as cute family pets in other countries, Peruvians enjoy as the national dish.

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As one of the more delicious Peru fun facts, the roasted guinea pig is Peru’s national delicacy. You’ll find it served whole—including head and feet.

6. The Rainforest

Most people think of Brazil when they think of the rainforest. Brazil claims most of the Amazon rainforest.

However, Peru’s terrain is about 60% rainforest. It’s also part of the Amazon.

7. The Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll love this fact. Peru produces the most expensive coffee in the world.

Coati Dung Coffee is not your typical coffee. Peruvians produce it from the dung of the coati, a mammal that’s part of the raccoon family.

These animals eat vegetables, fruit, and coffee beans. When ordering your cup of dung coffee, expect to pay between $20 and $65.

8. The Lake

When in Peru, be sure you visit Lake Titicaca. It’s the world’s highest navigable (reachable) lake sitting at a surface elevation of 12,507 feet. It’s also the largest lake in South America.

The ancient Incas revered Lake Titicaca. They believed their god, Viracocha, created the world at this lake.

When visiting the lake, you’ll also see the Floating Islands of the Uros. Ancient inhabitants of the lake built these islands by adding layers of reed and vegetable fiber.

Go Beyond These Interesting Facts About Peru!

We know we piqued your interest. Don’t stop with these interesting facts about Peru!

Plan a trip to see (and taste) these interesting things about Peru. Be sure to check out some of our travel hack articles before you go!