Gifts for Babies

Welcome, Little One: 9 Great Gifts for Babies to Love and Cherish

Did you know that more than 3.7 million babies were born in the United States in 2019? If you have a friend or family member that had a baby (or is about to), congratulations!

Having a new baby come into your life is an exciting experience. Between babysitting, attending school events, and watching them grow, you have a lot to look forward to. 

One of the best ways to welcome a new baby into the world is with a gift. What are some of the best gifts for babies? Keep reading for 9 gift ideas for babies. 

1. Swaddle Bundle 

One of the best newborn gifts you can get is a cute swaddle bundle. Swaddling a baby is important to prevent a baby from scratching themself, it provides anxiety relief, and it allows the baby to sleep better. 

Because newborn babies and their parents will be spending a lot of time at home, it is helpful to have several swaddle bundles.

When looking for a swaddle bundle, choose one that is high-quality, soft, and has an adorable pattern. Many bundles come with a matching hat to keep the baby’s head warm. 

2. Cute Clothes 

You can never go wrong by getting newborn baby clothes! Babies spit up, poop, and are messy eaters, so they will change clothes many times per day. 

It’s always helpful for new parents to have plenty of baby clothes available. If you decide to get the new baby clothes, consider avoiding newborn sizes. 

Many new parents get a lot of newborn clothing, but they don’t get bigger sizes. Babies quickly outgrow newborn clothing, so having bigger sizes will be helpful for the parents. 

If you are looking for cute, unique baby clothes, Hanna Andersson baby clothes are a great option. You can choose from seasonal outfits and staple pieces.

3. Baby Milestone Cards

Babies won’t remember the first few years of their life, so buying gifts for new parents is a great idea. Baby milestone cards allow new parents to take photos of important milestones in a baby’s life. 

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For example, most milestone card sets include a card for each month of a baby’s life, the first time they crawl, and the first time they smile.

Parents can capture a picture of their baby with the card to remember each milestone forever. Even though this gift is mainly for parents, the child will love looking back on the photos as they get older. 

4. Custom Baby Book

Another one of the best baby gift ideas is a custom baby book. Many new parents love to read to their babies before bed, so having plenty of books to choose from is ideal. 

Reading to a baby helps them develop listening and memory skills. They also learn new words that will be useful when they start talking. 

When you get a custom baby book, it allows the baby to relate more to the story. A custom baby book is one of those gifts that a baby will keep forever. 

5. Sound Machine

If you are looking for a gift that both the baby and the parents will love, a sound machine is a great option. A sound machine will allow the baby and parents to get some much-needed sleep. 

A sound machine can help drown out the sound of cars passing by, the dog barking, or people talking in the living room.

Many sound machines come with the ability to control it from a smartphone, so parents can change the settings without going into the baby’s room. 

6. Bath Set

When looking for the best baby gifts, considering getting the new baby a bath set. You can find adorable sets that include a bathrobe, washcloths, and towels. 

Most bath sets have a theme, so they make a great gift for a themed baby shower. Having a cute bath set will make the parents’ lives easier, and the baby will be extra cuddly after bath time. 

7. Baby Teether

Did you know that a baby’s first tooth shows up when they are around 6 months old? When a baby’s teeth are coming in, they will have some pain, be more cranky, and drool more. 

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Teething is a difficult time for both parents and the baby, so consider getting them a baby teether. You can find teether’s in all different shapes, styles, and colors. 

The best baby teethers are durable, long enough to reach a baby’s back teeth, and big enough that the baby can’t swallow them. 

8. Soft Baby Blanket

Another great gift idea for a new baby is a soft baby blanket. Most children have blankets from childhood that they are attached to. In addition to providing warmth, baby blankets provide comfort and relieve anxiety. 

When choosing a baby blanket, look for one that is soft and has different textures. Baby blankets come in all colors, shapes, and designs, so you will be able to choose the perfect one. 

If you are creative, you can make the baby blanket. Having a handmade blanket is a special gift that the baby will keep forever. 

9. Custom Artwork

When your friend or a family member has a new baby, they will put a ton of time and effort into decorating the nursery. If you want to help them design the nursery of their dreams, consider getting them some custom artwork. 

You can find an artist to make a painting with the baby’s name. If the baby is already born, you can include their birthday, weight, handprint, or anything else you want. 

Because the artwork will be custom, it can match the theme of the baby’s nursery. Whether it’s jungle-themed or ballet-themed, you can find the perfect artwork for the baby’s room. 

Are You Ready to Choose the Best Gifts for Babies?

Having a new baby come into your life is an exciting experience. If you want to get them a special gift they will keep forever, consider getting them one of these best gifts for babies. 

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