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The Ultimate EMP Survival Kit that Everyone Should Own; How to Create Yours on the Cheap

The danger of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) threat is a growing concern. Computers, communication, and lights could go dark and fail to recover. 

What are you currently doing to prepare for EMP survival? How long would you survive?

If a nuclear explosion went off near you, an EMP would send your neighborhood back to the Stone Age. Check out this guide to protect yourself.

Save Your Water

As soon as the pulse hits your neighborhood, there will be a short amount of time to save and store water supplies.

During a disaster, water main pipes can burst, become contaminated, or simply lose pressure. Fill up tubs, containers, and bottles to have a clean water source. Hot tubs are also great water reserves.

If there are several members in your home, then assign everyone the task of finding the largest container to store water. Collect from fast-moving creeks if you’re close. These bodies of water can become contaminated by a disaster quickly.

Take a bath or shower if time permits. It could be the last cleaning you get for a long time. 

Cash In

Having foreknowledge of an imminent EMP threat is a strategic advantage for survival. During a national or regional disaster, cash quickly loses its value in the eyes of everyone affected. 

if it’s safe, go to your nearest store and purchase food, water, supplies, and protection. Do not spare any money. As time passes, cash will become useless and barter will become the new currency.

Some vendors may understand the danger and risks as well. They might gouge prices and turn a simple jug of water into a $30 purchase. Do not be swayed by the prices.

Pay it. You might need to trade that water for medicine later.

Find anything of value that can be sold and use that money to buy survival supplies.

Protect Your Electronics

Being able to protect cell phones, computers, or other electronics might seem pointless. Think about what you will use to call for help or get news after the grid returns.

No EMP survival kit is complete without a Faraday pouch. The Faraday shield will protect any electronics from EM waves by using copper and steel barriers. 

Put your cell phone, small generators, computers with personal information, walkie-talkies, and electronic medical equipment inside the Faraday pouch. These items will become invaluable after an EMP and during recovery.

Recovery and rescue can be a dangerous and confusing time for everyone. Having these items protected will make your journey back to a normal life smoother. 

Understand Your Surroundings For EMP Survival

Living out in the woods during an EMP threat won’t be nearly as dangerous as living near an airport or along a busy road. It’s important to be cautious about where you live, work, and socialize during an EMP exposure.

Being inside a plane or a nuclear power plant would be a worst-case scenario. Provided you’re not in those situations, be sure to avoid groups of people as crowds tend to warrant mob mentalities. 

Grocery stores will probably have riots and looters, and friends could become enemies due to dire circumstances.

Not everything is “doom and gloom”. There’s a chance other survival groups offer you assistance and hope. Disasters can turn small groups of strangers into family. Humans are extremely resilient and adaptive beings.

Physical Security

What plans do you have in place to protect your home or family during an EMP?

Handheld weapons are extremely effective for warding off looters or even hunting possible food sources. Bows, guns, and baseball bats will become necessary tools.

There are other measures to protect your home. Board up windows and barricade doors where possible. A simple barrier that requires excessive force to open is enough to discourage people and animals alike.

Keep food and water inside where only you have access. Animals are your biggest threat to stored food sources.

Ration Food and Water

You’ve survived the initial EMP and after-effects of social deterioration. It’s time to formulate a plan to make your supplies last until order is restored or rescue is in sight.

Take inventory of all the food and water currently available to you. Know how much food and water each person in your party needs per day. Calculate the number of days everyone can survive.

Any food in your refrigerator should be consumed first. The shelf life may only be from a few hours to a few days. You can keep food longer by limiting the number of times you open the refrigerator door. 

Canned goods and non-perishables should be the last things you eat.

Stored water will last almost indefinitely. If you do not have a lot, see if there are freshwater sources near you or purification tablets available. 

Remember the survival rule of three. You can survive three minutes without oxygen, three days without water, and three weeks without food.

If you have plenty of excess food and water, you can trade for other peoples’ supplies. Medicine, weapons, clothes, and information are potential survival trades.

Keep To Yourself

Your plans for EMP survival should not be public knowledge throughout the community. Only you and your family should know what measures you’ve taken to survive a disaster.

People can become desperate and dangerous if there is a social breakdown. The hope is that community members will want to help their fellow man, but you can’t be too careful.

It is better to be at a defensive advantage when deciding who is a friend or foe. Your preparations and survival kits can turn you into a de facto leader among friends and family.

People knowing your preparations can make you an unwanted target. Keep your survival skills to yourself until the time is right.

No Need to Be Scared

With proper preparations and cautious planning, you will be prepared for a possible EMP threat. Don’t be scared because there are plenty of others who are planning for EMP survival, too.

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