Places to Visit in CT

Taking a Trip: 4 Places to Visit in CT

Travel slowed due to COVID-19 throughout much of 2020, but “pandemic fatigue” and the start of vaccination campaigns across the world changed that. People are planning trips again, and you might be one of them.

If you’re looking to travel soon or want to explore future possibilities, look no further. A vacation in Connecticut is what you need to relax and get your mind off stressors. Take a look at this list of beautiful places to visit in CT for inspiration.

1. Travel to the Past at East Haven’s Trolley Museum

There’s something for everyone at the Shore Line Trolley Museum in East Haven, CT. History buffs enjoy learning about the history of rail transport in Connecticut, while lovers of the weird and quirky relish the unique visitor experience. The museum displays about 100 vintage trolleys, so it’s a fine way to fill some time.

Kids and adults with little patience for museum exhibits aren’t forgotten. The museum has 1.5 miles of active track, giving visitors a chance to ride a restored trolley.

2. Enjoy Quaint, Classy Relaxation in Darien

Tourists new to Connecticut often want to check out the best cities in CT. Once you’ve seen the biggest cities, you’re ready to see all the idyllic towns that pepper the state.

Darien is a small town of about 21,000 people on the Connecticut coast. It’s a young and vibrant town but still has a sophisticated and quaint feel.

The small-town liveliness complements the town’s rich history. Anyone with an interest in small-town culture should learn more about Darien.

The town is a great choice for New York City tourists looking for day trips in CT to get away from the hustle and bustle. It’s under 40 miles northeast of NYC.

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3. See Birds on the Beach at Silver Sands State Park

Bird-lovers can’t miss the avian paradise that is Silver Sands State Park.

Charles Island is part of the park and is a designated bird sanctuary. Egrets, heron, rough-legged hawks, and snowy owls are among the protected populations. You don’t need any birdwatching experience for success here—the birds are everywhere!

The journey to Charles Island is an adventure in itself, making it one of the best outdoor places to visit in CT, no matter who you are or what you like to do. At high tide, water surrounds Charles Island. At low tide, visitors can make a magical journey to the island on foot.

The sights at Silver Sands are breathtaking. If one of your travel goals is hitting beautiful places in CT to take pictures, this is the place.

4. Support the Arts at the Goodspeed Opera House

Most people think of Broadway in New York as the home of musicals in New England. Broadway can’t be ignored, but patrons of the arts also shouldn’t forget East Haddam, Connecticut’s Goodspeed Opera House.

Famous musicals including the classic hit, Annie, were born at Goodspeed. The musical theatre presents high-quality shows to this day, so make a point to buy tickets.

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After learning about these great places to visit in CT, you’re ready to plan your next vacation in New England.

If you want to learn about other travel destinations and pick up nifty life hacks, click on another article and get started today.

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