How to Help Someone With Dementia

Wondering how to help someone with dementia?

Assisting a loved one with memory loss, language issues, or inability to solve problems can feel overwhelming and sometimes lonely.

That said, there are things you can do to help the person substantially. And that can make all the difference in terms of how you feel, too.

Here are some tips.

Surround Yourself With Support

When considering how to support someone with dementia, it may feel like the weight of it is on your shoulders. Especially when it’s a relative or close loved one, you figure involving others may seem like a burden.

However, the best thing you can do is surround yourself with an army. Ask people who know the person living with dementia for support. That could look like spending time with them, checking in on them, or even just dropping off supplies.

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Be Realistic

Knowing how to help someone with dementia can also be a matter of the heart. You want so badly to be optimistic or pray that the condition will improve when you see signs of progress. Gradually, things like this can start wearing you down.

Being realistic will help keep your mental health in order and allow you to decide the best course of action for the person. Familiarize yourself with the stages of dementia and look into online support groups for tips.

Make Their Living Space Safe

One overlooked piece of advice for caregivers working with dementia patients is to protect the space the person lives in.

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Forgetting things is common, but so is the inability to see things in the right light. If they still live at home, remove any obstacles that could pose a threat around the house. Consider laying down carpet or slip-resistance mats in areas that could be dicey.

Share Old Stories

Each person is different, but it’s not uncommon for both short-term memory and stuff from long ago to still be with them. To communicate with the person or simply share a moment, talk about old stories.

Allow nostalgia to be the thing that connects you or helps you heal. In general, there are still many ways you can bond with the person.

Whether you’re helping a relative who has dementia or working with someone you don’t know as well, remember there is a person behind it all. Stay positive and try and learn what they can do still instead of correcting or focusing on what they can’t.

How to Help Someone With Dementia

These tips should help you understand how to help someone with dementia.

First, find support if you can. This could be from other family members or even an online community. Then aim to make the person as comfortable as possible.

And along the way, do things to keep your own mental health in order.

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