Outsourcing IT Support

A Simple Guide to Outsourcing IT Support

Running a small business, you may be feeling like the digital age we’re in quickly turns into a mire. You have to juggle the online security of your shopping cart, privacy and information laws, and more.

Just hiring a database administrator (DBA) to monitor and curate your database could cost you over $90,000 a year in salary, or $45 an hour. Now multiply that by three for 24-hour coverage.

How can you get ahead, when the digital age costs so much in time and money? Have you considered outsourcing IT support?

How can IT support outsourcing help your small or medium business? Keep reading to find out.

Why IT Support Outsourcing

We’ve already mentioned how much a DBA costs per year, but that’s only one kind of IT specialist. The average IT professional is making a little over $70,000 per year. Outsourcing slashes those costs by offloading that to the IT support service company.

Outsourcing helps you to focus on your business and leave the digital operations to professionals. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by digital privacy laws and more. If you find yourself focusing less on pushing your business forward and more on whether your database is secure, it’s time to call in IT support services. 

Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Outsourced IT Is There

Outsourcing has always been a kind of dirty word in industries. A way to save money, but not exactly maintain or extend quality. That’s no longer the case for most industries, especially IT support.

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The fact is that today it’s the only way to get ahead. The number of IT support services, the services on offer, and their flexibility have never been so high. It’s the right time to take advantage.

The question then becomes, do you use offshore, nearshore, or domestic IT support services?

The days of paying a premium price for such top-shelf domestic IT support services have come and gone. Due to cloud computing and cloud services, IT support companies can provide securely managed services for a fraction of the cost.

Managed Services Provided By IT Support Companies

Outsourcing IT support usually involves managed services. IT services such as Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Software-as-a-service (SaaS), and others are especially important for small and medium businesses on a tight budget.

You don’t often have the budget for in-house IT specialists. Having all your services, such as curating databases and keeping up VPN provisioning, or keeping firewalls tight, takes more than one person or a small group can reliably offer.

The services that many IT support for businesses offer are:

  • Web development and hosting
  • Application or software development
  • Technical support and help desk
  • Database management and development
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data storage
  • Email system and security
  • Security against virus, phishing, spam, and more
  • Security training

These are only a few of the many reasons outsourcing IT support is a good fit for even a small business.

What Outsourcing IT Support Can Do For You

Outsourcing IT support helps you to focus on your business, rather than the inner workings of its digital operation. Get to what’s important in your business with peace of mind.

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It’s possible that you considered IT support outsourcing to only be for companies with large data warehouses or governments. That couldn’t be further from the truth though. IT support for businesses, large or small, is essential in today’s world.

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