Holiday Gifts

5 Holiday Gifts Your Friends Actually Want

Research has shown time after time that gift-giving is much more satisfying than receiving. 

People are significantly happier after they have shared money or a gift with someone special in their life. 

If you are preparing for the holidays and want to get your friend the best gift, there are many options to choose from. 

Continue reading to discover the best holiday gift ideas for friends that they will love to unwrap! 

1. Candles

If you are looking for cheap holiday gift ideas for friends, candles are an excellent option to consider!

Candles are perfect for everyone. They have a calming effect and smell delicious when burning. Try finding out the types of scents that your friends like. If you go to their home and noticed hints of vanilla, keep that in mind when you go shopping.

A candle variety pack is a good gift as well because it gives them multiple options to smell. 

2. Satin Pillowcase

One of the best holiday gift ideas for friends is a pillow gift, like a satin pillowcase.

Satin pillowcases are ideal for those with curly hair and anyone looking to replenish their hair. These pillowcases help retain moisture without causing frizz. They are also cool and comfortable to sleep on, making every night feel like a luxury. 

You can find satin pillowcases in various colors that will match your friend’s personality and bedroom decor. 

3. Puzzles

You might be surprised to see puzzles on a gift list for friends, but this is a great idea that they will appreciate!

Everyone spends the majority of their day on devices, looking at a screen. By getting a puzzle for your friend, you can give them a chance to unwind and relax without having to turn it on with a remote. 

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There are many options to consider, and some even have murder mysteries that you can solve as you build the puzzle. 

4. Mini Photo Printer

Are you and your bestie constantly snapping pictures together?

If so, you should consider getting them a mini photo printer for the holidays this year. A mini photo printer is easy to carry around and can give you a hard copy within moments of connecting to your phone or computer. 

5. Friendship Lamp

Do you and your best friend live far away from each other? 

A long-distance friendship lamp is great for connecting friends while they are apart. Each time your friend touches the lamp, it will alert the other friend and the lamp with light up. This is a great way to keep in touch without having to talk or text all day. 

The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Friends

Finding the best holiday gift ideas for friends can be tricky if you don’t know what they like.

By utilizing this guide, you can become the best gift giver and impress your friends with how much you care. Don’t be afraid to get them something new that they’ve never tried; gifts like puzzles can be relaxing. 

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