Streaming Services

A Brief Guide to the Best Streaming Services

Remember the days when Netflix sent DVDs to you in the mail? It seems like ancient history, especially since now there are dozens of streaming services where we can access anything we want to watch at our fingertips.

With all of these streaming platforms, how do you know which one is the best? Keep reading for our guide on the best streaming services 2021 so you can know where to spend your hard-earned money. 

1. Netflix

No matter how many streaming services pop up, Netflix is still the original, and they’re still doing it the best. They offer a wide variety of shows and movies you love. Plus, the quality has only gone up since they started producing their own award-winning original tv shows and movies. 

With the wide selection and low costs starting at $8.99 a month, Netflix is still a no-brainer.

2. Amazon Prime TV

Amazon is another one-stop shop for both past entertainment and brand new original shows and movies. Plus, you can add extra channels, like BritBox, to access even more content that’s hard to find on other platforms. 

The best thing about Amazon Prime TV is that it’s included in your Amazon Prime membership. If you are already using Amazon Prime to get toilet paper shipped to your house for free in two hours, you can also watch hours of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for free. 

3. YouTube

YouTube is a popular video app known for vlogs and tutorials, but did you know that you can stream movies and TV on YouTube too? If you’re looking for a movie that was just in theatres and isn’t available on other streaming platforms yet, you can rent it on YouTube for just $3.99.

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4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a completely free streaming service, which is almost unheard of these days. Tubi has hours of movies and TV available on their app. It Right not be full of the latest hits, but if you’re looking for that random 90s movie you loved as a kid, chances are you can find it on Tubi.

5. Hulu

The beauty of Hulu is not just that they have hours of shows and movies to stream, but that they also upload the latest episode of your favorite shows on the air right now. If you missed This Is Us last night, you can catch up the next day on Hulu.

With Hulu, you can forget about recording shows on your DVR because they’re all right there.

6. BOB.Show

Are you tired of deciding which streaming services you need to subscribe to? BOB.Show is a new platform that keeps all of your favorite shows in one place. It’s launching this summer, but you can visit BOB.Show now to check it out. 

Finding the Best Streaming Services For You

The best way to decide the best streaming services to pay for and the ones to ditch is to think about what you like to watch.

If you want to watch blockbusters, you can’t go wrong with the classic options like Netflix and Hulu. However, for more obscure finds, check out the smaller platforms. 

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