Data Recovery Service

3 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Data Recovery Service


Nothing is worse than losing all your client and business data to a malfunctioning hard drive or having your entire computer wiped out by spilled coffee. Minor mistakes can amount to significant losses if your QuickBooks data gets taken out by a rogue latte.  

Data loss can set you or your company back by months or years depending on what backup services you use, and some information can be too critical to be put on an external network for backup purposes.

In these cases, a data recovery service can be the most cost-effective solution to extract critical information that would otherwise find its way to the trash bin.

Selecting the best service is vital for saving your data; let’s look at the three key factors to consider when choosing a data recovery service.


1. Price – The Cost of Saving Data

Recovering important information off of damaged hardware can vary wildly depending on how damaged the storage device is. A hard drive may need its magnetic read/write heads replaced, while a liquid spill on your laptop may require more effort to recover data.

Services like Life Guard Data Recovery offer a guarantee to skip the recovery fees if they can’t get your data, setting you up for peace of mind as they’ll do everything they can in their clean rooms to get that data extracted.


2. Options – What a Data Recovery Service Offers

Not all data recovery services are equal, and some companies only offer a limited service targeting specific types of hardware. It’s important to know that the recovery process is different for Apple computers and laptops when compared to a PC.

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Data services can also recover data from mobile devices due to malfunctions, flash drives with a broken USB, or complex RAID setups with multiple damaged hard drives.

Lastly, remote recovery is becoming a popular option that allows data recovery service engineers to access a client’s hard drive over the internet, provided the hardware is still functioning.


3. Privacy – The Security of Your Information

Choosing a reputable data recovery service is essential; you don’t want your precious information recovered for it to be exposed on the internet. A bad company can intentionally or accidentally reveal all your files to your competitors.

Recovery services may store your information in different mediums until it’s time to send it back to you. If the security of your data is of utmost importance, you’ll want to consider having your information sent back on a device instead of over the internet.

Cloud services may be considered the least secure option considering all the biggest tech companies have had their clouds breached at one point. You can get your information back from the data recovery service sooner, but this option may involve some risk.


Don’t Give up on Your Data

Simple mistakes can erase years of information on your hard drives. Using a data recovery service can save your data and get you back on track. Just be sure to follow the three key factors when choosing a service.

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