Safari Safety Tips

Top Safari Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know

Sometimes, we all need a sense of adventure in our lives. We yearn for a way to escape the rigors of daily life and see something new. 

For the last few years, getting that escape has been challenging. Now, as many countries reopen their borders from COVID lockdowns, people have those opportunities again. 

That’s why now is the perfect time to go on a safari. Visiting the jungles of Africa is an excellent way to escape and see something new. 

However, a safari trip poses some unique dangers if you’re not careful. Fortunately, we can teach you the safari safety essentials! Check out our safari safety guide to find the information you need.

Two Primary Safari Safety Tips

If you’re planning an African safari, that’s awesome! But, remember that safety should always be your top priority when traveling. Staying safe is the best way to ensure the trip remains fun and exciting. 

When going on safari, there are two overarching rules for staying safe. First, make sure you stay safe from wildlife. Second, avoid traveling to dangerous or unstable areas. 

Africa has several war-torn nations on its shores. Before going on safari, research to find the safest countries for travel. Organizations like Safari Club International often provide this information.

However, humans aren’t the only threat in Africa. Several kinds of wildlife will happily fight back against humans they perceive as aggressors. We’ll explore how you can protect yourself from these threats in the next sections. 

Staying Safe on a Safari Drive

The first way to ensure your safety is to remain inside your vehicle in a game park. The only exception is when your driver says it’s okay to get out. 

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Remember, your safari car is your shield from animals that can easily kill you. Although several cute and cuddly animals may tempt you into snapping a close-up, ignore that urge. Instead, use your zoom lens to take pictures of animals. 

Avoiding Malaria

Most people traveling to Africa want to stay safe from animal threats. However, the most dangerous animals on this continent are often mosquitos. 

The majority of African countries sit squarely in the malaria zone. So, avoiding this disease should be an integral component in your travel planning. 

How can you do this? First, visit a healthcare provider and ask for anti-malaria medication. This medication is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick.

Once you’re in a malaria-risk zone, remember the following. First, use insect repellent on any exposed skin.

Second, wear long pants and sleeves, as well as close-toed shoes. This clothing helps protect you from sunburn as well. 

Finally, if you sleep outside, use a mosquito net. This way, you can protect yourself while sleeping. 

Discover More about Safari Safety

Safari safety doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you listen to your doctor and your safari guide, you can remain safe on the trip. 

However, your destination may expose you to more threats than discussed here. So, keep researching to ensure you remain safe on your trip!

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