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5 Hot STEM Careers That Pay Well

Are you passionate about science, engineering, technology, or mathematics?

If so, you should know that your STEM skills can make you a valuable asset to the workforce!

Whether you’re transitioning after a job loss or just getting started as a STEM major, there’s never been a better time to work in a STEM-related field.

Read on for our list of 5 hot STEM careers that will pay you well!

1. Civil Engineer

First, on our STEM careers list is civil engineering!

Civil engineers work in the construction industry on a variety of job sites including highways, bridges, industrial buildings, and commercial construction.

The median salary for a civil engineer is $82k.

If you’re interested in construction and love the idea of managing large projects, civil engineering is one of the best STEM degrees to help you get started.

2. Financial Analyst

Love crunching numbers? Do you thrive on risk analysis?

A financial analyst is one of the highest paying STEM jobs with tons of room for growth.

An analyst will work to advise his or her clients on how to make the best investments possible.

From retirement planning and following the stock market to business mergers and strategic partnerships, you can work in a variety of sectors depending on your interests!

3. Industrial Psychologist

Speaking of businesses, if the inner workings of a business make you tick, working as an industrial psychologist might be a great STEM career for you.

Making an average salary above $75k, industrial psychologists use psych principles to solve issues in the workplace.

Your skills will be put to use to streamline marketing, human resources, sales processes, and more!

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4. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers work under a wide banner. If you choose this STEM career path, you can really tailor your work to your interests!

Mechanical engineers work on the cutting edge of robotics that disrupts industries like medicine and manufacturing.

However, if those innovations don’t suit you, there are many options. For example, if you enjoy the beach and boating, Florida yacht engineering could be a great fit for you!

5. Information Security Analyst

With hacking on the rise and cybersecurity being a chief concern in 2018, data security is a highly sought-after skill set.

If you enjoy technology, working as an Information Security Analyst will allow you to thrive in the business world.

You’ll work to protect a company’s data, computer systems, and networks from crashes and cyber attacks.

The median salary for this position is just over $90k, making it one of the best STEM jobs!

Take Your Pick of STEM Careers!

These five hot jobs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing a STEM careers path.

If one of the above careers don’t speak to your heart, don’t despair! Numerous other examples didn’t make our STEM careers list. Of course, training and certifications are essential in your career progression. Take the time to hone your skills in whatever field you’re passionate about.

For more business advice and ideas on how to carve your own unique career path, visit our business advice blog!