how to get better at math

How to Get Better at Math: Is it Possible?

Did you know that having better math skills helps students when they leave the classroom?

According to a study at Ohio State University, math skills (called numeracy) help students manage their finances better and make better health decisions.

But many students cringe at the idea of solving a mathematical equation.

In fact, 2 million children have math anxiety. While some kids do well in math, others fear it. But why? Is it in our DNA or something that can be learned.

In our digital and technology age, it’s important to master STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes. That’s where the best employment opportunities await.

It’s time to tackle this math anxiety. Here’s what you need to know and do to get better at math.

1. Know Mathematics is Like Learning A New Language

Math is a language. Just like learning the alphabet for a foreign language, we need to learn the alphabet (symbols) and the rules of mathematics. The biggest rule is called the Order of Operations.

With practice, we can memorize the Order of Operations which when done right will help achieve success in math.

2. Know Math Is Rooted in Logic

Math concepts are rooted in logic. For example, if we say that 10 is less than () 2.

This may be a simple example, but complicated math problems base themselves on simple rules, too. Once you know the rule (formula) and follow it correctly you can’t go wrong.

You’ll figure out the equation correctly. It’s when we forget the formula and don’t follow it is where we get into problems.

3. How You Can Get Better At Math By Seeing Its Connections

While seeing math in isolation, we get into trouble. It’s essential to know that mathematical ideas are usually connected to another idea.

That’s why it’s important to remember the ideas for other math subjects. Whether you’re working on linear functions or basic algebra, a negative + a negative equals a positive.

Students often forget math concepts of Chapter One after the chapter test. Remember, each chapter builds on the next.

4. Don’t Skip Homework

Homework gives students a chance to practice math concepts learned in class. Make sure not to skip homework. You can relax on the weekends, but during the week make sure you do your homework so you don’t get confused.

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If you’re a parent, have your child do homework at the same time each evening. This will make it a habit. Make the activity consistent by having a place like a desk or a kitchen table where your child does homework every evening.

This consistency will help your children stay focused on doing their homework. The old adage “practice makes perfect” will come true with enough practice.

5. Don’t Miss Math Class

The math curriculum can go at a fast pace. Certain concepts are the foundation for newer lessons. That’s why it’s important to attend classes and try hard not to miss any lectures.

Students need to spend extra time to learn concepts missed when absent. This can put them behind. If you have to take time out from school, schedule an important appointment during a class you’re doing well in.

6. Find A Study Group–Or Start One

If you have to be absent, being part of a study group can get you up to speed.

Study groups help students learn misunderstood concepts and figure out math problems together to see where you might have gone wrong and learn the steps you missed.

Find a classmate who takes good notes if you’re out, make plans to connect your partner right away to learn the homework. Perhaps you can arrange to do the homework together that evening.

There’s little more effective than building strong relationships with classmates and team members in school and in work to add to your success in any field.

7. Build a Positive Rapport With Your Teacher

Teachers instruct close to 200 students. For this reason, it’s essential to establish a relationship with your teacher whether you’re in high school, elementary school, or in college.

At the beginning of class, talk to the teacher and show that you are interested in learning. Ask questions that show your interest and that you’re also listening.

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If you’re a parent, it’s a good practice to introduce yourself to your child’s teacher at back to school night or in teacher conferences.

You can also email your child’s teacher. Ask how you can help and if there are any supplementary materials or interactive computer programs and games that would help reinforce concepts in the math curriculum.

8. Review Mistakes

While looking at your mistakes you can see where you’ve gone wrong. Did you miss a step? Did you misunderstand the formula in the equation?

You can do this alone or review the homework, quiz or exam in your study group. If your mother or father is good at math, perhaps you can work through the problems together at home and learn how to do the problem correctly.

It’s essential to fix your mistakes. You can ask your teacher for help. Set a time to meet with her at lunch, after class or during her office hours.

If you’re unclear about something taught during class, make sure to ask her–or a classmate who is clear to explain the concept you misunderstood.

9. Get Help From A Tutor

If you or your child has trouble, seek out help immediately. Hiring a tutor works as a great option to improve your math skills.

You can find tutors online like the expert tutors at CalcuNation. Tutors can help explain things step-by-step.

A tip: Schedule weekly tutor appointments at the beginning of the course. Having regular appointments can is how you can get better at math.

You can review Algebra I, the foundation of most math classes, learn how to use a calculator or work on the math curriculum.

Your tutor will probably have some cool tricks to teach you math concepts.

The Takeaway on How To Get Better At Math

Now you know some great tips about how to be good at math. Incorporate these ideas and you’re sure to be a math whiz in no time!

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