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5 Start-Up Business Ideas That Will Actually Make a Profit

Every major business had to begin as a humble startup. But how do you know if your startup idea will dazzle instead of be a dud?

It all starts with researching the very best start-up business ideas. We’ve put together a guide to five great ideas so you can go ahead and start building your legacy!

1. Sandwich Shop

The restaurant business can be difficult to start and difficult to find success in. There is an exception, though: starting a sandwich shop!

Demographics are changing, and Millennials are a growing economic force. Interestingly, Millennials avoid traditional fast food, and they are leery of traditional chain restaurants.

Your sandwich start-up offers the best of both worlds. It’s not “fast food,” but it’s faster than a conventional restaurant–perfect for someone on the go. And many Millennials would rather support a local “fast-casual” sandwich start-up than going to a chain or franchise.

2. Power Banks

You know how your phone usually dies at the worst possible time? You can be part of the solution by creating a start-up that sells power banks!

These are the banks that people charge up and take with them so they can recharge phones and other devices. They are relatively easy to make and easy for you to ship to online customers.

There is also room for expansion with this idea. The customers wanting to charge their smartphones may be likely to buy things like phone cases and other accessories. The sky’s the limit!

3. Writing Services

Believe it or not, one of the best businesses to make money is blogging and writing services.

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It’s easy enough to do: step one is to build a website. Then you can make money through advertisement revenue from your site. Alternately, you can take on a specialty, such as helping clients write resumes and cover letters.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you might eventually expand your blog into “vlogging” on Youtube, giving yourself an entirely new platform to promote your business.

4. Consulting

If you have enough experience and knowledge of a specific industry, you can become an industry consultant. This lets you draw upon your existing body of quality work and deep network of contacts so that your business can really hit the ground running.

This business is easy to start without much investment, which is great if you’re on a budget.

Plus, it’s a rewarding business: you don’t have to learn how to do something new. You just have to help others do it better!

5. Workwear

If you like clothes, then workwear is a great startup idea. And there are many different ways to do it!

You can focus on making safety clothes and equipment, for instance. Or specialize in making business clothing for professional women. Alternately, you can focus on creating uniforms for various companies and even schools that require a specialized dress code.

The smart money is to look at your area and see which niches it would benefit from the most. Then you become the only game in town for those products!

Start-up Business Ideas: The Bottom Line

Now you have some great start-up business ideas. But will you be able to stay on track and succeed?

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