Maximize Your Tiny Closet: 3 of the Smartest Storage Ideas That Save Space

You’re running late. Seconds tick by and you wish you possessed the power to slow down time.

You thought you set aside enough time to not arrive too early to your new job but instead, you got distracted.

Staring at your closet, you can’t remember where you put your work shirt. Desperation sets in as taking any more time to get ready will result in you being late.

You can’t help but think if you were more organized, your mornings would go a lot more smoothly. That said, don’t panic!

We’ll go over ways on how to maximize closet space so you’re never late again. Ready to find out what they are?

Here we go!

Raid Your Closet

While it doesn’t sound like the most fun activity (which is probably why a lot of us have overcrowded closets), take out everything in your wardrobe. This will give you a better idea of exactly how much stuff you have.

Separate them into appropriate piles-shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, etc. Then make three other piles named “keep”, “donate”, and “sell”.

Clothes that don’t fit anymore, donate them. Designer items? Throw them in the sell pile to be turned into cash later.

For ones that you haven’t worn in a year, donate them. Chances are, you still won’t wear them.

After pairing down, you’ll have more room in your closet! Not only that but reducing clutter there may inspire you to reorganize other parts of your home!

Get Organized

To really maximize your closet space, organize your clothes into groups. For example, have longer pieces like dresses and trench coats sit at one end of the closet.

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Doing this opens up more floor space that can be used to house shoe racks.

Organizing a closet can be a hard task to take on. With so many components to consider, it gets frustrating. To help put your mind at ease, think of your closet as a catering services refrigerator.

Sounds odd but if they aren’t organized, how will they cater client’s events? If your closet isn’t organized, you can forget arriving to work on time.

Utilize Organizational Items

Hooks, baskets, and shelves will become your new best friends.

Within your closet, look for any exposed wall. Where there’s wall not covered by clothes, put a hook there. This can be where your most-worn jewelry pieces now live or an easy place to quickly grab your favorite purse.

Speaking of exposed wall, don’t forget about the inside of closet doors! That’s a handy place to put hooks to hang scarves and hats.

Baskets come in handy for built-in shelving which can hide all non-clothing items.

For closets that don’t come with built-in shelving, make your own! All you need are shelving brackets and wood planks for an affordable alternative.

Shelves make everything more accessible while not getting in the way of clothing. It’s a great way to utilize all that empty space above the rods.

How to Maximize Closet Space Solved

The closet is one part of the house that’s often underrated. While it’s meant to house clothing and shoes, it can hold a lot more when utilized the right way. When you follow our ideas, consider your dilemma on how to maximize closet space solved.

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