Time for a Change? 8 Smart Tips to Help Your Home Sell Faster

Moving’s a part of life, but it can often be a stressful one, to say the least.

Maybe you had fire damage. Maybe you have to uproot quickly because of a sudden job change. Maybe you’re just really, really ready for a change.

Here are a few ways your home can sell faster in a time crunch. When you’re low on time, you need to get your move in order as quickly as possible.

8 Tips to Help Your House Sell Faster

It’s no secret: people are having a tougher time affording homes these days. But if you need your home to sell faster in a market that’s notoriously difficult, you’re going to have to put in a little bit of work.

Ramp up the Curb Appeal

Some real estate agents say that your curb appeal is one of the most important elements of selling your home. 

Many people do drive-bys of the home before they even go inside and make snap judgments just looking at the outside. They judge your house by its cover, so you have to make the cover look good.

A New Coat of Paint

Going along the line of making your curb appeal as well, appealing, as possible, you need a fresh coat of paint.

Paint is one of the things that’s easiest to do that can make the biggest improvement. The inside and the outside of the home need to be taken into consideration. 

If there are fixtures that need to be painted as well, use this as a time to get that done.

Use an Online Service

If you need to sell your house, go to Part of selling your house quickly and successfully is getting the listing known to people.


Declutter the Area

The fewer things that are in the home when you’re showing it off, the more appealing it’s going to be to prospective buyers. 

Remove any clutter that might be lying around the area – you want to make your home look as brand new as possible. Take care to remove family photos, anything that could be construed as political, or any religious items. 

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You want to make your house a place that other people can envision living in, so the less of your footprint that’s on the area, the more they are able to do so.

If you have pets, you should also take them out of the area. Not only are some people allergic, but some people also don’t appreciate having animals in their space.

Be Flexible

The more time that you have to show people around your home, the more likely you are going to be able to sell it faster. Obviously, because of work schedules, this might not be possible for everyone.

Be willing to meet with people early in the morning and later in the day. If you’re given short notice for someone wanting to visit your home, you should still agree to show it.

Showing your home on the weekend will also open up times for you to be able to show it off and start gaining the exposure that you need to get it sold more quickly.

Don’t Price Too High

Of course, you want your home to sell for a reasonable amount of money according to what it’s worth. But if you list your home too high with the thought that someone will haggle you down to the price that you want, you might actually scare away prospective buyers with the high price point.

Leave the Room

When you’re showing off your house, you want to be around to let the prospective buyer know potential facts about your home. You can show them areas and add information to their buying process that they might not have on their own if they were viewing the house without you there.

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You should always be positively framing your home when speaking to buyers about living there. Let them know the perks of your house that only you could know. You can also be there to let them know the bonuses of living in your neighborhood.

If need be, you can also be their tour guide and let them know the kind of city that they will be moving into. Making the surrounding area sound appealing can also draw people into buying your home.

But once you’ve talked with the prospective buyers, leave the room.

When you leave the room, you’re giving the buyers the opportunity to have a candid conversation about the home that they’re considering living in. Obviously, purchasing a home is a monumental decision, and many factors must be taken into consideration.

It’s difficult to have a candid conversation about the ins and outs of the home that you’re looking at with the owner standing there listening to you. No matter how much you want to influence the buyer’s decision, it’s ultimately up to them.

Take Good Photos

You’re not likely to sell your home if you have poorly photographed photos of the house online.

Take time with the pictures you’re taking. If you need to and can afford it, hire someone to take the photos for you so that your home looks like a place people actually want to live in.

Get Ready To Move

So, you’ve had your home sell faster than you thought it would. Now you need to move! 

Stay on top of your move by keeping organized. This is the surefire way to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed by the large undertaking of moving out and moving into a new home.

So take a deep breath, stay organized, and sell your home.