Beat the Winter Blues: 5 Living Room Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

Winter is tough. Let’s face it, the sheer gloominess and blistering cold can get a little depressing. We’re forced to spend a lot more time inside, so we need to make sure that time builds us up and doesn’t break us down. 

If our living room spaces are as gloomy, dark, and cold as the winter outside us, where are we supposed to go to escape from the doom and gloom of winter? It’s essential that we make our living room spaces bright and uplifting.  

We’ve compiled five living room ideas that should help to brighten up your space this winter. 

Winter Living Room Ideas

Some of these ideas are simple and easy, while others will require more work. If some of the options are too work intensive, do whatever you can by applying some of the other ideas. 

The main thing is that you create a space that will be a positive respite from the difficulties of nature in the outside world. 

1. Get a Paint Job

The first, and maybe most powerful, thing you can do is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Lighter hues like yellow, off-white, and light blue can have positive effects on our attitudes. 

There’s real research to back this up, too. Color psychology shows that certain colors have distinct effects on how we perceive things and feel about spaces. Discover more about your paint options, your happy color is waiting for you! 

2. Try to Open Up Space

Sometimes the problem with living rooms is that they’re sectioned off in constricting ways by large furniture and other barriers. Those sections limit the flow and feeling of the room and block light off in some cases, making portions of the room darker than they have to be. 

Try to look at your room in the context of where your dominant source of light is. Arrange your furniture in an open way, according to the formation that will best allow light to fill the room.

3. Lighter Carpet or Flooring

There’s something damp and gloomy about sitting inside on a dark carpet in the winter time. There is something magical, however, about sliding your socks across a wood floor in the midst of Christmas. 

A light colored wood flooring could be what you need to brighten up your living room. If the wood floor isn’t your thing, you could always try a lighter carpet or a large rug. 

4. Add a Few Mirrors

Mirrors are excellent ways for you to brighten up any space. Not only do they reflect light well throughout the room, but they also add the illusion of more space. This is especially useful for smaller living rooms. 

Try to set up a few mirrors in dominant areas in the room. The Longest walls that house the most used furniture are great options. You can also try to place smaller mirrors in the places that are most-commonly walked through. 

5. Mix it Up

Sometimes all we need is a little change. Our old arrangements can get a little stuffy, and our minds tend to follow suit. Try rearranging the furniture you have in your living room. 

Add a new curtain or couch blanket to brighten up the room, but maybe the solution to your problem lies in a simple rearrangement. 

Take Winter as an Opportunity

Hopefully, these living room ideas have inspired you to make a little winter change. Because you’re forced to spend time inside, though, you could use that time to make other improvements to your life.

Whether you’re trying to learn a language or work to study up on life hacks, our site has all the information you need for your winter self-work.