Happy Camping: 10 RV Hacks to Make Your Trip Awesome

Whether you’ve got your own RV, like 9 million other American households, or are renting one, you’ve got the main ingredient for an epic camping trip. With more than 18,000 campgrounds nationwide you’re free to hop in your sweet ride and enjoy the incredible sites that America has to offer. 

If you’re looking to make the most out of your trip, then you’ll want to read on to these amazing RV hacks that will truly change up your next adventure. Find out things like how to tastefully organize the inside of your driveable home and quick and easy cooking tips for an on-to-go family.      

Grab your backpack and camera, we’re hitting the road!

Ingenious RV Hacks to Transform Your Next Camping Trip

Curious about transforming your ride into a camper’s paradise? Use these tips and tricks and be the savviest family at the campground. 

1. Shoe Racks and Shower Curtain Rings

Every RV family wants to save on space. You can do this easily with cutting up shoe racks and attaching them everywhere from the base of your bed to tight spaces around the house secured by hooks.

A shoe rack, especially the mesh ones, also work well in showers to organize all your shower products since the rim of tubs in RVs tend to be very slim. 

2. Velcro Everything

Utilize the spaces on the walls and the backs of cabinets by using velcro tape. Since storage is so rare in RV’s you need to make the most of all of the space you have. This is best done with velcro.

You can attach everything from cords, remotes, flashlights, and even spices for secure and convenient stowaways. 

3. Harness the Power of Press ‘n Seal

Press ‘n Seal is a brilliant invention for saving leftovers, but did you know it can double as a lid for cups? RV rides can be a little bumpy so keep your liquids save with some sticky plastic. 

If your medicine cabinet or spice rack isn’t as secure as you want you can beef up the support bars with a handy sheet of Press ‘n Seal to keep everything in place and safe from rattling.

4. Use Space-Saving Items

Think smart when it comes to storage containers. Choose a collapsible garbage can, and smart, stackable Tupperware for storing bulk items like pasta, cereal, and coffee. 

Repurpose a shower caddy and take advantage of unused wall space by securing it to the wall. Use it to hold household items or even produce like potatoes, onions, and garlic.

5. Install Hooks Everywhere

Looking to save on more space? Install hooks… everywhere. Save your shelf space for your plates and hang your mugs under the cabinets. You can even hang your kitchen utensils from hooks and store more delicate items in drawers. 

Grab some command hooks and store you jackets and towels on empty walls or the backs of doors. 

6. Secret Drawers

Make use of unused areas that you may have easily overlooked. Turn staircases into a drawer set and your buffet seating into a hidden storage place, perfect for extra blankets, sheets, pillows, and comforters.

7. Make Cooking A Breeze 

Need to scramble eggs? Don’t dirty another bowl. Crack it in a mason jar or a used water bottle and give it a shake. Instant scramble.

Can’t stand mornings? Make things easier by premaking pancake mix and storing it a syrup bottle. Easy to pour pancakes without the mess.

Having a cookout by the fire? Serve condiments in a cupcake tin for easy accessibility and portioning. 

8. RV Facelift

Let’s be honest. RV’s always come with hideous vinyl flooring that would make even your grandmother cringe. Use these brilliant wood vinyl tiles. They’re waterproof, scratchproof, easy to install and look like the real thing. 

After the floors, our second complaint is the terrible upholstery around the joint. Reupholstering is pricy to send out, so why don’t do it yourself?

Grab some classic fabric and wrap your cushions just like you would wrap a present. Secure with safety pins and voilà.

Update your cabinet’s shelves with sheets of non-slip foam to protect your plates and glassware from slipping around during travel.

9. Towel Racks 

Do you have bottles rattling around? Secure shower products on your bathtub lip and kitchen items like oils and sprays to the wall. You can access them easily and will avoid them falling all over the place when you hit an unexpected pothole. 

10. Pest Repellents 

Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than an unwanted pest. Whether its mice or mosquitos, know exactly what products turn them away faster than rain to a campfire.

When choosing soap, opt for the brand Irishish Spring which also turns away mice. Need a floor cleaner? Grab Pine Sol which also repels mosquitos. 

Wasps and their nests can really ruin a picnic. They’re attracted to the smell of propane, so tuck away a few flea collars and get them flying away.

Can’t stand the flies? Place around lemon and cloves around the kitchen or picnic table to repel those flying buggers.or flies

Call Your RV Home

Still renting someone else’s RV? As you adventure down the coasts or across the American Midwest, you might consider making the switch from renter to owner.

A recent study showed that nearly 1 million Americans live in their RV. It’s not only changed their life (and finances) for the better but saved their marriages too.

If looking at calling your RV your own, you’ll want to check out a site like Official Entegra Dealer for the best prices and best RV options. They’ve got an RV for every lifestyle, so you can travel in style. You can even rent out your RV when you’re not using it to make back some cash.

Where’s Your Next Adventure? 

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