No False Starts: 7 Tips for Starting a Startup That Thrives

Are you getting ready to launch a startup? Don’t want to leave your success up to being lucky?

While a few startups find funding right away and easily grow large over the course of a few months, most others aren’t that lucky. To launch a successful startup, you’re going need to work both hard and smart to ensure you’re creating a company that is built to last.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll give you our top tips for starting a startup that thrives.

1. Have a Plan For Success

The first thing you need to do if you want your startup to succeed is to create a thorough gameplan and a roadmap. Read about what other startups have done to get off the ground and have a checklist that you’ll follow carefully to build your business.

Make sure that you define where you want to go with your business and what steps you’ll take to get there. Write down your mission statement and your business objectives and create a mission statement.

By planning well you’ll have a much easier time building your startup and will never feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Don’t leave things to chance but make sure you have a solid plan first instead of haphazardly taking action to build your business.

2. Keep Learning

The best startup founders understand that they don’t know everything. As a result, they are constantly learning new and essential skills that can help them run their businesses more effectively.

Try to become a constant learner. Get into the practice of regularly reading books about business and startups. Always keep up with what’s happening in your industry and follow the other companies that you admire to see what they’re doing to build up their own reputations.

While you’ll be pretty strapped for time, it can also be a great idea to take some classes in your city on business, marketing, accounting, and any other skills you’ll need as your business develops.

3. Become a Great Marketer

Every great startup founder needs to learn to wear many hats if they want to succeed. Among the most important of these is to become a great marketer and salesman.

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Even if you have dedicated marketers working for you that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know a lot about marketing yourself.

You need to make sure that you understand essential marketing concepts and you need to develop an overall marketing strategy that you’ll implement for your business. Have a plan for how you’re going to market your business and how you’ll tweak it and optimize it along the way.

By having the basic knowledge of different marketing techniques and avenues such as social media, online advertising, and sales, you’ll be more effective at leading your marketing employees.

4. Know the Limitations of a Good Idea

While many startups are created with a great, innovative idea in mind, it’s usually not enough alone. A great idea will only take you so far. You need to be realistic with yourself and know that even if your idea is groundbreaking it won’t disqualify you from needing to put in a whole lot of hard work to succeed.

Make sure that you have a profitable business idea that solves a real problem. However, recognize that you’re going to need to put in the hours as well. You can’t coast along on an amazing idea alone.

5. Make It Official

Before you get too far into the creation of your startup you need to first set things up right and take a look at the legal aspect of things. You’ll want to avoid making the common legal mistakes that many startups make in the beginning.

First of all, you need to make sure that you’re registered properly in your local area. You should also ensure that you’ve chosen the right structure for your needs and that you’re prepared for the taxes that will come along with it.

Make sure that you set things up right for the start so that you can easily track your taxes and deductions. While it will take extra upfront work, you’ll thank yourself later for setting things up right for your startup from the very beginning.

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6. Surround Yourself With the Right People

Successful startup founders have learned to recognize their own limitations and you should, too. It’s crucial that you’re adamant about bringing only the best people into your startup. This means hiring reliable employees with forward-thinking mindsets as well as being careful about what partners and investors you do business with.

Additionally, it’s a great idea to get a good mentor who can help you as you build your business and who has already gone through the same process of launching a startup themselves.

Networking is also essential, so don’t estimate the value of great relationships when building a startup. You may want to read more now about the value of powerful relationships.

7. Be Patient With Funding

While startup success stories may have you thinking that you’ll be able to secure an amazing investor and plenty of funding right out of the gate, the truth is, that’s not how it goes for the majority of startups out there.

It can be hard to find a suitable investor for your startup, and in the meantime, you’ll have to find another way to get by. You’ll probably have to be pretty creative to get funding early on.

If you have a day job, it’s a good idea to keep it for a while as you start your business rather than ditching it right away. You may also want to consider getting involved with a business startup accelerator program as well.

Being Realistic When Starting a Startup

While there are many misconceptions out there, the truth is that starting a startup is hard work. However, it can definitely be well worth the hard work in the end. Make sure to use the above tips to ensure you’re being realistic with your goals and that you’re giving your startup the best chance of success.

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