Roivant Sciences

How Roivant Sciences is Changing the Game in Big Pharma

Did you know that Roivant Sciences is valued at $7.3 billion? 

Founded by Vivek Ramaswamy (now former CEO) in 2014, Roivant Sciences is a key player in Biopharmaceutical Drug Development. Vivek, also a former hedge fund manager and entrepreneur, found a gap in Big Pharma and decided to solve the issue.

He observed that many drugs for rare diseases were being overlooked and underdeveloped. Solving this issue became the mission of the company.

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About Roivant Sciences

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Roivant lies in a pharmaceutical mecca. The unique value proposition of Roivant Sciences is their “vants.” Vants are Roivant subsidiaries focused on developing therapies for a specific disease.

Instead of one company trying to solve all the world’s health problems, Roivant envisions a future of Big Pharma evolving to have focused, decentralized companies. Roivant is leading the way in this change.

Some of their subsidiary technologies in include:

  • Immunovant: Specialized in autoimmune disorders
  • Dermavant: Specialized in dermatological treatment
  • Aruvant: Specialized in gene therapy
  • Alyvant: Leveraging data to connect patients with therapies

There are currently 20 subsidiaries of Roivant and counting. Roivant started with the intention of improving the performance of paused drug technologies.

The company has since expanded beyond this idea alone. Roivant Sciences has developed subsidiaries like Alyvant, Lokovant, and Sinovant.

These offspring companies focus on improving healthcare system technology. They solve efficiency bottlenecks in treatment and diagnosis. The company looks to fix issues in healthcare data management.

Roivant Goes Public

The company announced a merger with a special acquisition purpose company, Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corporation. The merger will leave Roivant with a market valuation of over seven billion dollars. Original Roivant investors own 92% of these shares.

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The Roivant shares will be available to trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the stock name ROIV once the deal is approved. There won’t be many changes in leadership. The CEO will be current standing Roivant CEO, Matthew Gline, who was before the company’s CFO.

Roivant continues to reinvest the over $600 million accumulated from the deal. They are investing in research and development and new technology. In the next three years, they expect to use most of the money invested.

Sumitomo Pharma, one of the investors, is actually comprised of five of Roivant’s former subsidiary “vants.” The Japanese company bought five vants for $3 million dollars, along with 10% equity of Roivant. Sumitomo also has the opportunity to buy six more subsidiaries through the year 2024.

Roivant Sciences Is Looking Ahead

Roivant’s team shares excitement for their next chapter as a public company. Roivant is hopeful that these investments will lead to changes in Big Pharma. Roivant is ready to pioneer the change.

Roivant Sciences expects the investments to fuel the company’s growth through the third quarter of 2024. If they find value for patients, they explore.

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