how to feel beautiful

10 Proven Techniques For How to Feel Beautiful and Turn Heads Today

Have you ever met someone you thought was so beautiful, just to find out that they really weren’t? It happens all the time. The old adage of ‘beauty is only skin deep’ is sadly only too true.

There is a long list of quotes about beauty coming from the inside, and that is the truth. If you don’t feel beautiful because of your physical attributes, then you are looking at beauty the wrong way.

To be beautiful, you only need to believe you are. Sounds simple, right? Well, it mostly is. How to feel beautiful is all about your own belief in yourself.

How to Feel Beautiful

The secret is simple. Being beautiful is all about your attitude toward beauty. It also has a lot to with how you see yourself, and how you treat yourself.

1. Embrace Your Uniqueness

Take pride in those little things that make you, you. Whether you have bright red hair or freckles, maybe you have great sweeping curves or even scars. They are the road map of your life.

2. Improve your Posture

Hold your head up high, keep your back straight, walk with a purpose and with pride. Look ahead, not down. Keep your shoulders back and squared and strong.

3. Don’t Like it? Change it

If you are self-conscious because of scar or a flaw, whether you were born with it or it’s from an accident or disease, change it. You can consult a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist, find products to soften the look or just simply learn to love it as part of who you are.

4. Diet

Your diet plays a huge part in how you look and how you feel. Fresh fruits and vegetables add a glow to your skin and help to maintain or lose extra weight. Junk foods, sugary drinks, and too much processed food can make your complexion bad and actually make your mood worse.

5. Exercise

No one expects you to be an athlete, but a little bit of light exercise can make the world of difference to your waistline and your mental outlook. Take up dancing, or swimming, go for a walk every day, take the stairs instead of the elevator or try yoga.

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A few simple stretches and some fresh air not only help you look better, you feel better and it becomes part of your routine. Maybe adopt a rescue dog and taking him for a walk every day. You never know who’ll you meet.

6. Don’t Judge Yourself Against Others

Your face is the only one in your mirror. Don’t wish away what you do have on things that are never attainable. learn to love who is looking back at you, warts and all.

Remember, even supermodels don’t even look like they do on glossy magazines. They all have things about themselves they don’t like, and honestly, that’s just sad. Comparing yourself to someone else is not helpful for your own self-love.

Plus, you don’t know what their life is like. Maybe pretty is all they have. They look good, but what are they going to do in social situations? Talk about makeup?

7. Make an Effort

Get up every morning, get cleaned and get dressed. Make yourself presentable, even if you don’t go out the front door. Just making the effort will make you feel better and force you to look at yourself.

Many people work from home these days, it’s easy to slip into a sloth-like state of being. It is comfortable but doesn’t do much for your self-esteem. Put on bright colors, take a walk to the store, try something new with your hair, for those that have it.

8. Be Kind to Yourself

Stop beating yourself up. Stop wearing the blame for crap that happened a long time ago and stop the self-doubt.

Kind Words

Use kind words when you speak to yourself. Avoid hurtful words that only bring you down and cut away at your confidence. Focus on what you do have and take pride in that.

Praise yourself for your intelligence, your job, your family. Look at all the stuff you have been through and yet, here you still are. That deserves to be recognized.

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Kind to your Body

Stop smoking, cut back on the drinking, get yourself off the drugs. Cigarettes are the worst thing you can do for your skin and your body. All those toxins on their own are poison and you are lighting them on fire!

If you are fighting pain or diseases, look for better ways to manage the pain. Natural, clean methods, away from addictive opiates that only make big pharma richer. To get started, click here.

Get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water, try not to overindulge in foods, drink, and drugs.

9. Glass Half Full

See the world in a positive light. Try to find beauty in everything. Observe your world with a happy, giving eye. Being nicer to others by even the smallest measures make you happier.

Hold the door for someone, be kind to animals, recognize that you matter, you are unique and people love you exactly the way you are. See light where is darkness.

10. Tell Your face

Slap on a false smile and it will hurt. But if you keep doing it, it will soon become a real smile. The best way to make yourself beautiful is to smile. A smile directed at a stranger can make their day turn around, too, and make them feel pretty.

Smiling is contagious. Pass it around.

Everybody is Beautiful

There have songs written about it, poetry, books. What you deem to beautiful is not to everyone. That’s what makes it special. How to feel beautiful is to surround yourself with beauty.

The sunshine, mother nature, kind people, positive energy. Avoid toxic friends and family, who make you feel bad about yourself. learn to love who you are right now. If you hate your job, find a better one.

Be grateful each and every day. Find out more how that can help you be thankful and see improvements in your life.