freezer organization

5 Awesome Hacks for Freezer Organization

How many times have you eaten freezer-burned frozen french fries? You know, the ones that were shoved to the back of the freezer for months, and you forgot they were there? We’re willing to bet the answer is probably more than you’d like.

An organized home is healthy, functioning home. This applies to your fridge, and freezer, too!

A disorganized freezer leads to food getting forgotten about and going bad. That negates the entire point of the thing!

To improve your freezer organization, you need to learn some of these top freezer hacks. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Ditch the Chest Freezer

First things first: ditch your chest-style deep freezer. These things are begging for small items like bags of peas or corn to drop to the depths, never to be seen again. Without the right shelving, they’re impossible to organize.

Get yourself an upright freezer instead. They open out the same way a refrigerator does and come with all the correct shelving already installed. Your organization points will already double by making this simple change.

Use Binder Clips

Binder clips: the unsung hero of life hacks. There are a thousand secret uses for these little guys, and their application in the freezer is so genius you’ll be shocked you never thought of it before!

They have a dual use. First, place them on the shelf so the clip part is facing downward. Then, you can use the clip to hang already-opened bags of frozen veggies, saving shelf space for more structured items.

If you clip them the other way, they instantly create a notch to keep bottles from rolling on the shelf. Stack bottles you’re freezing this way with ease.


Flat Freezing

This is a game changer if you’re into making and freezing soups ahead of time! Next time you’re freezing leftover soup or prepping for the week, skip the square Tupperware. Funnel the soup into gallon-size Ziploc bags instead.

When you freeze it, lay the soup flat, so it freezes in a sheet. Then, you can stand all your soups up in a bin! Shuffle through them like cards when you pick one to thaw out.

Reuse Containers

The reduce, reuse, recycle movement should be close to your heart as global warming rates grow staggeringly high. Why not save the earth and your freezer’s space in one go?

Save your old milk cartons, rinse them out, and pour small frozen veggies inside. You can stack milk containers more methodically than frozen veggie bags. That means none will get shoved to the back and forgotten about!

The Power of Bins

This one requires some effort to go out and buy freezer organizer bins, but you’ll be so glad you did! You can group similar items in each bin, making it easier to find everything.

Freezer organizers are a great way to let the family know what needs to be pulled first, too. Label one “Eat Me First!” so everyone’s on the same page about the first in, first out rule.

Freezer Organization & Other Life Hacks

There are so many awesome freezer hacks and freezer organization ideas out there today that you can employ with just a few simple household materials. Freezer organization has never been easier!

Now that your freezer’s good to go, check out some of our other house and home tips to get the rest of your home squared away!