How to Watch YouTube: 9 Tricks You Never Knew About

Did you know that YouTube has over 1.8 billion active monthly users

YouTube is a great video-based platform that many of us use in our daily lives. From watching music videos to viewing how-to videos, and from watching funny videos to viewing cute animals, YouTube has a large wealth of videos to keep you busy for hours.

If you’re a regular YouTuber keep reading to find out how to watch YouTube with these nine tricks you never knew about. 

Enhance Your Experience: How to Watch YouTube Videos

Most people know the obvious reasons and things you can do on YouTube, but there are also other tricks and things you can do on the platform. For example, YouTube doesn’t only have music videos, you can watch full movies.

Have a look at these tricks and see if you can enhance your YouTube experience:

1. Control Your Videos With Your Keyboard

Forget clicking and double-clicking with your mouse, you can control YouTube using your keyboard. Using the shortcut keys will help you save time and speed up your watching experience.

Hit ‘k’ if you want to play or pause a video.

Fast forward your video by 10 seconds when you press ‘l’. Or rewind your video by 10 seconds when you press ‘j’.

Typing ‘c’ will turn on captions or subtitles, while pressing ‘m’ will mute the video. If you want to launch the mini-player then you need to press ‘i’. 

You can also use the numbers on your keyboard to control your video. Pressing ‘0’ will take you back to the beginning of the video. And pressing ‘1’ will take you to 10 percent of the video, ‘2’ will take you to 20 percent of the video, and so on up to “9”.

2. Watch YouTube Movies

Did you know you can watch movies on YouTube? Well, you can and there are hundreds of them that are free. These movies might not be the latest releases, but there are some great classics in the mix that are definitely worth a watch.

The only downfall is that you will have to watch some ads. If you hate ads, why not use the time to start getting your popcorn ready? 

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Or you can opt for a paid subscription that gives you access to more content including movies. Alternatively, why not check out YouTube originals? This is YouTube’s own content and is free to watch. 

Enhance your experience by watching YouTube videos on TV, putting the movies you want to watch on the big screen will make it all the more exciting.

3. Download Your Favorite Videos

Want to watch your favorite videos when you don’t have an internet connection? That’s not a problem. You can download your favorite videos and enjoy them wherever and whenever you want. 

All you have to do is go onto the video you want to download and type in ‘pp’ after YouTube in the URL (www.youtubepp.com) and hit enter. This will take you to a YouTube converter website where you can download your videos. Once on the converter, you can also choose the quality of the video.

4. Share A Specific Part Of A Video

YouTube is a social media platform, so it only makes sense that the creators have enabled a way for you to share a specific part of a video with your friends or family.

Draw your friends or families attention to your favorite part of a funny video by following these steps: 

Go to your favorite part and pause the video. Right-click on the video you want to send and choose the option that says ‘get video URL at the current time’. Then copy the link and share it with your friend or family member. 

5. Convert YouTube Videos Into GIFs

Speaking of sharing, where would the world be without GIFs? Well, the good news is you can now create GIFs from your most-loved videos. 

Go to the video that you want to turn into a GIF, and type in ‘gif’ before YouTube in the URL (so it looks like this: www.gifyoutube.com). This will take you through to a website where you can make GIFs. 

Here you can adjust the length of your GIF, enter a title and tags for your GIF, and then download it. Once you have your GIF feel free to share it on social media with your friends.

6. Stay Private

If you want to prevent other people from seeing your YouTube history, liked videos, and subscriptions, then you can. 

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To keep yourself safe online and prevent other people from seeing what you’re looking at, all you need to do is go on settings and select privacy. You can then clear and/or pause your history.

7. Play A Video In Slow Motion

Some videos are funnier to watch when they are in slow motion. If you’re scrolling through funny videos and want to enhance your experience and laugh more then why not play it in slow motion?

It’s very easy to do this, all you need to do is press and hold down your space bar. 

8. Enable Dark Theme

Dark theme is available across a lot of different operating systems and software. And now it is also available on YouTube. If you’re worried about your eyes or frequently get headaches then you need to enable YouTube’s dark theme, which will be easier on your eyes.

To enable the dark theme, all you need to do is click on the account symbol and then choose ‘Activate Dark Theme’. 

9. Spend Less Time On YouTube

How many times have you got stuck in a never-ending loop of videos that you can’t turn off? With autoplay, YouTube will keep going through videos until you stop it. So if you want to spend less time on YouTube then ensure you turn off autoplay. 

The autoplay slider is on the right-hand side above the videos that are up next. Simply click on it to turn it off.

Alternatively, if you can’t get enough of one video and want an easier way to watch a YouTube video over and over again. Then check out this guide on how to loop a YouTube video: https://setapp.com/how-to/loop-a-youtube-video.

Implement Our Nine How to Watch YouTube Tricks And Enjoy Watching Your Favorite Videos More

Who knew you could do so many cool things on YouTube? Enhance your YouTube experience by implementing our nine how to watch YouTube tricks now. Don’t forget to share these tricks with your friends and family too. 

If you found this article insightful and found out some new tips and tricks, make sure you have a look at some of our other technology-related articles.