Camping Tents in the Forest

Natural Is Calling: 5 Top Things to Put on Your Camping Checklist

Summer is around the corner, which means it’s finally time to go camping.

If you’re feeling the call of the wild, we’ve got the post for you. Building an arsenal of camping gear takes time, but there are things that you need to add to your checklist right away if you’re going to survive in nature.

Today, we’re going to give you the 5 items that you should add to your camping checklist before you embark on your first trip. As long as you’ve got this stuff, you’ll be well on your way to starting the camping season off right.

1. Tent, Cot, and Sleeping Bag

You can’t go camping without the proper sleeping equipment, so the first things you should put on your camping checklist are a tent, a cot or air mattress, and a sleeping bag to keep you warm. There’s nothing fun about sleeping on the ground, but you can make it a lot more tolerable with these things.

If you’re predominantly doing summer camping, then you don’t have to go too crazy on your sleeping bag. But you’ll want to get a large enough tent and air mattress in order to accommodate however many people you’re going with.

2. Portable Solar Charger

We live in the digital age and our devices accompany us even in the great outdoors. For that reason, you’ll need to bring yourself a portable solar charger. Why solar?

You’re not likely going to have any access to power on your campsite, so you’ll need something to plug your phone and any other devices in. Check out the PoweredPortableSolar blog to find great information about the different kinds of panels you can get for your needs.

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3. Weather-Ready Clothes

It’s bordering on summertime, but the nights are still going to be chilly. Bring along clothes for all sorts of weather so that you’re comfortable in the rain or sun. You don’t want to end up in a scenario where you’re wet and cold trying to get to sleep at night.

4. Camping Stove & Food

What are the things you need to survive? Sleep, your phone, water, and of course, food. Don’t forget to bring lots of food and snacks to keep you going for the duration of your camping trip.

There’s nothing better than hot coffee and eggs at the campsite and cooking over the fire is fun, but it can be a bit tricky. Buy yourself a good camping stove and you’ll never want for anything. 

5. Portable Speaker

The sounds of the wilderness are magical, of that, there’s no doubt. Unfortunately, they won’t keep you entertained for days on end, so you’re going to want to have some music or podcasts to listen to.

Bring along a portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker to get the party started when the majesty of nature wears off.

Add to Your Camping Checklist Often

Put these 5 items on your camping checklist and you’ll survive. If you want to go camping a lot, though, you’ll want to build up your supplies a bit more. Make a note of what you’re missing each time you go and you’ll have an arsenal of camping tools before you know it.

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